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Working Within Your Budget to Accomplish Your Dreams

Article by Katie Rhodes

Photography by Chris Reilmann

Originally published in Boulder Lifestyle

Design Studio of Boulder Implements a Three-Phase Home Renovation Plan, Helping Clients Save Money While Still Reaching Their Goals.

The team at Design Studio Interior Solutions knows how to take care of its clients, and unlike many other businesses affected by the 2020 Covid-19 outbreak, the challenge of working within a pandemic has only increased their commitment to helping customers remodel their homes in a cost-effective way without sacrificing the integrity of the process. Last year, ounder and CEO Judy Goldman worked with her extensive team of designers, interior architects, stylists, and project and finance managers on a three-phase plan that works with your budget, your schedule, and your vision. 

The need for cost solutions has seemingly never been higher. With many people stuck at home the desire for remodeling has skyrocketed, but the question of how to facilitate home projects with increased social and financial constraints poses an interesting new challenge. Last year, when the initial phases of lockdown were starting, the price of a simple wood 2x4 at Home Depot rose nearly 250% on the front range—an effect referred to in the industry as “sticker shock.”

Goldman sat down with her team when they were forced into remote work last March in order to address their new opportunity: re-engineering the business, and finding different ways to help clients knowing the level of uncertainty they now faced. 

One advantage they had right away was their all-in-one style showroom, stocked with everything you need to browse for your project and visualize your concepts. The value of that during a global pandemic? Immeasurable. They have carpet, tile, countertops, lighting, cabinetry, and more from 200+ trusted vendors; and if they don’t have something you want, they can find it and get it delivered. Gone are the days of having to drive from granite depots to carpet emporiums to lighting stores. Clients visit the design center by appointment, browse, and then work with their team to put the project together. 

Phase 1 establishes timeline, budget, and vision. Throughout this process, Goldman and her vertically integrated team are able to get an understanding of the scope of the project and collaborate closely with the client, offering product solutions within their budget and style. All the finishes and fixtures for the project are identified and priced out. Working with trusted contractors to ensure there are no question marks looming over the project, the team then offers that client a set number upfront of what everything will cost. 

By the time you reach Phase 2, all the documents and construction renderings have been drawn up, all the products sourced and priced and the budget set. The chosen products are confirmed to arrive on schedule. The client signs off on everything, every step of the way. Focusing primarily on décor, this phase works simultaneously with Phase 1 for clients doing a full remodel. You’ll be matched with the right manufacturers who fit your style and budget. Every aspect of décor is specified, from the frame and finish down to the sofa fabric and the art that will adorn the walls. A final presentation with renderings, samples and pictures is presented for your approval. Every logistical detail is worked out before any money is put down or paint even touches the walls. 

Phase 3 focuses on purchasing, logistics and delivery. The final invoices are put together, and only then does the purchase actually happen. From there, construction can begin at the appropriate time. 

Design Studio takes its responsibility and accountability to the client seriously and works hard to make those set budget numbers real for them. Handing the reigns over to designers and contractors can be scary, but the highly collaborative nature of Design Studio ensures that you’re put first—your money, your time, and your vision. Their team's three phases of home remodeling gets you exactly what you want: bang for your buck and professionals you can trust.

“The bottom line is that we design and plan for the client’s budget,” Goldman says. “A set budget is money that is hard-earned by that homeowner, and it’s not ours to spend. It’s ours to say, 'how do you want to spend it?' And our respect for that money, entrusted to us to create an incredible, functional and purposeful space? It’s what sets us apart.”

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