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Boulder County Businesses Offer a Plethora of Unique Finds Curated by Local Residents

Terracotta: Recently, several of us became plant parents making succulent gardens and propagating Monsteras as ways to occupy our day and fill our homes. Eben and Adria, the owners of Terracotta, have long benefitted from houseplants and understand that living in a green space is more than just a way to make your home beautiful. From easy maintenance plants to pet-friendly selections, Terracotta’s storefront offers an array of options. In addition to plants, shoppers will find a cafe, home goods, body care and plant essentials. Guests can shop in-store or online with nationwide shipping, curbside pickup and same-day delivery.

Astro Coffee Bar: With nearly two years under its belt, the West Coast-style coffee house has gained quite a following. Astro’s various iced coffees and Purple Drink have become favorites. Whether you’re looking to catch up with friends or study before exams, Astro is an ideal spot to get things done. Astro also offers fruit smoothies, Italian sodas, steamers and pastries. Next year, Astro will serve its goodies at events, concerts and private parties with a fully solar, mobile coffee truck.

Vuori: Activewear and athletic clothing brand Vuori has landed in Boulder. The brand, which focuses on ethical manufacturing and sustainability, integrates sports, art and life into its performance attire. With clothes inspired by the California lifestyle, each item comes with a product guarantee. Step inside Vuori where you’ll find men’s and women’s attire ranging from sleek leggings and joggers to cozy hoodies, insulated jackets, stylish bags and more.

Chocolaterie Stam: There’s something soothing about a piece of chocolate that melts in your mouth. Chocolaterie Stam has some expertise on the matter. The Stam family bakery opened in 1816 near Amsterdam. In 1913, Jacobus Stam II opened the first Chocolaterie Stam, focusing solely on chocolate. In 1997, the family recipes and business made their way to America, and in 2017, Lafayette joined 10 other U.S. cities serving the chocolate treats. Chocolaterie Stam offers over a hundred varieties of chocolate, gift boxes, gelato and a European espresso bar.

Vintrey Honest Goods: Located in a 1900s historic home, Vintrey is a destination shop offering vintage, artisan-made and fair trade home decor, clothing and accessories for all styles and price points. Formerly known as TRI, Liz and Jordan Lewis alongside Ricci Harke founded Vintrey in 2011 with a desire to offer locals a unique, socially conscious shopping experience. Whether it's a vintage teapot or a trendy rug handcrafted by an artist, each piece at Vintry has a story and a purpose.

South Street Market: Barbie Inglesias has always loved to cook. After graduating from CU, she attended culinary school in California where her love for food grew. Now, 30 years later, she’s the proud owner of South Street Market. From a delicious chicken salad sandwich to take and bake gluten-free enchiladas, Barbie and her team are dedicated to making healthy, home-cooked meals that are grab n’ go ready. South Street also has a robust retail selection with wine, caramel, dish towels, candles, dishware and more.

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