Plants that Grow With You

Incrementum is here to adorn your space with intentional greenery.

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This blooming Boulder company will help you realize your indoor plant dreams. 

The female-led brand is the creation of Sierra Voss and Molly O’Connell who in 2019 began their joint venture to create Incrementum. With backgrounds in set design, photography, and wardrobe styling, the women have worked together on hundreds of creative projects during their illustrious careers in commercial video production. Their choice to opt-out of the fast-paced commercial world meant leaning into their calling to create healthier spaces for people. 

“We have seen each other at our lowest in terms of our health and what our work environment brought out in us. We realized how unhappy and unhealthy we really were, and so it’s really fun to build a company together that is so much healthier for us,” says Voss and O’Connell.  

Incrementum is the Latin word for "growth" which references their brand slogan, “Plants that Grow with You.” They are all about investing in plants with intention while providing education around nurturing indoor greenery.

The Colorado natives have also led lives closely linked to nature, with Voss’s background in conservation and environmental studies and O’Connell’s experience in horticulture and herbalism. Their relationships to plants are now being beautifully expressed through a fusion of design and education to create a hands-on experience as they style interiors evoking a direct connection to the natural world. 

“Maybe your furniture is very structured, so you want a more minimalist plant like a Ficus Audrey, or maybe you want to go the opposite direction, opting for a jungle plant like a Dracaena to juxtapose your furniture,” Voss says. 

Voss notes that plants are receptive to be spoken to or sung to and also pick up on your stress levels, so building a relationship with your plants truly helps them thrive. 

“Once you understand basic care, the rest really becomes intuitive,” O’Connell says. 

“We feel it's important to consult with people before they invest a lot of money in plants. Plants shouldn't be disposable, and we're seeing an increase in plant hoarding during the pandemic,” they say. “Consultations upfront protect your investment and contribute to sustainable consumerism while decreasing plant stress.”

Incrementum is currently offering in-person and virtual design consultations with specialized care packages to address all of your plant-care needs. They also rely strictly on organic intervention over chemical use to minimize toxicity. 

Closing the circle of sustainability in the home, the women have created a community for those seeking a symbiotic relationship with living plants, particularly important during the current pandemic.

“Covid has been a slowing down of pace and a re-connecting to place,” shares O’Connell. “People have been focusing more attention back into their home lifestyles, and plants especially have more meaning than ever.”

Getting Started with Incrementum

Whether you are a homeowner or business owner, wanting a complex installation or just a few statement plants, we work to create plant designs unique to each client.

During the first consultation, we meet with you in person or virtually to walk through your space. We inquire as to where you want plants to live and suggest where we think they would thrive. Our team takes detailed notes and records light, humidity, and space measurements. 

The next step, if you decide to move forward, is the design phase. We provide design boards that summarize our consultation findings for your review and approval.

Upon your approval, we move to the third step which is the installation phase. This includes ordering pots, hand-selecting plants, delivery, and clean up.

Book a discovery call with them today! 

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The Humble Home 

Located at 1465 Sunset Blvd on one of Boulder’s most desirable streets set with a handful of luxurious estates, this transitional home is a breathtaking architectural gem set below the Flatiron Mountains. Listed by Mile Hi Modern, a Colorado real estate brokerage, the home is currently on the market for $5 million with Jennifer Egbert as the expert real estate broker. 

“I walk into every working relationship with a client focused on being their trusted advocate,” Egbert says. 

Being immersed in the Boulder community for nearly 30 years and in real estate for almost 20, Egbert is a trusted voice in the space ready to find the ideal residences for this new home that is just five minutes from the Sanitas trailheads. 

“Just steps from downtown Boulder, this home is located within walking distance to everything and on a private street with no through traffic,” Egbert says. 

It is a contemporary five-bedroom and five-bathroom home that is excellent for entertaining as it is outfitted with customized lighting, a sculptural staircase, a gourmet chef’s kitchen, a glamorous bar, steam rooms, and a stunning outdoor living and dining space. The home has been staged by Guest House and styled mostly by Colorado makers with the furniture listed for sale.

“They upgraded everything to be cozy, logical, and pretty,” Egbert says with an unapologetic smile. 

Real estate agent Jennifer Egbert: 

Adorned in Apocalypse

Wardrobe stylist Madison Moorhead, along with her partner Jed Bickford, recently debuted a retail storefront in Boulder where Moorhead’s signature vintage and gently used clothing is on full display. Apocalypse is a vibrant space where clients can shop both feminine and masculine styles regardless of their gender identity. 

The buy-sell-trade boutique has an eclectic mix of contemporary brands that celebrate inclusivity and sustainability, including Topo Designs, Mara Hoffman, and Online Ceramics, among many others. 

“Following the closures of both Crossroads and Buffalo Exchange this fall, we knew there was a gap in the resale market in Boulder. There are some existing buy-sell-trade shops that cater to the adolescent and mature ends of the spectrum, but nothing that we felt mirrored the ethos and aesthetic of the majority of Boulder,” shares Moorhead.

“We're lucky to have experienced stylists as our employees,” Moorhead says. “They love fashion and have been involved in the resale community for some time, so finding something new for a customer is a great way to boost their self-confidence.” 

Apocalypse is the hub of Moorhead’s distinct style and vision that will surely become a mainstay for fashion and creativity in Boulder. 

Location: 1813 Pearl Street

IG: @Disco.Apocalypse


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