Making a Statement: Meredith Steele Brings Joy with Her Art

Article by Amelia Broughton

Photography by Ash Taylor

Originally published in Boulder Lifestyle

With millions of ideas swirling like freshly mixed paint in her head, Meredith Steele prioritizes joy in everything she creates. A Denver-based mixed media artist, Steele is an explorer of new methods and eclectic materials, moved wholeheartedly by creation itself before anything else.

Her approach is to commit to a series or collection until it feels fulfilled in its expression. The structure fosters focus and sharpens her skill with each stylistically similar painting. Ranging from a bliss-filled abstract series that was inspired by Hawaiian textures and colors, to fabricating captivating monochromatic feminine figures made with various recycled materials, Steele pours herself into the learning process that unfolds in the momentum of inspiration. Instead of being fixated on a certain style, she allows herself to be fluid, molded by her environment, led by what unfolds in the moment. She’s not interested in staying in one category of artistic expression. Steele’s work varies in its aesthetic, and those who see beyond the diversity notice the amount of presence she lends to each subject, texture, color, and setting.

As someone who has always been deeply affected by her atmosphere and environment, Steele aims to illuminate the beauty in all things. She transforms space into dynamic pieces for all to enjoy, collaborating with clients to bring their wildest dreams into fruition.

During these times, her focus has been to give back what she can. One to find the beauty in the smallest of details, she’s been sending out prints of her art to unsuspecting people or followers of her work.

If you’re looking for a statement piece, something that captures the imagination, or are on the hunt for a mural or design expert, this multi-dimensional artist is sure to bring you joy in whatever it is your heart desires.

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