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One of the most popular cities in the Midwest is Denver, CO.

The town has weather that can be unpredictable sometimes, but it is often accommodating to the local community. Located just outside of the Rocky Mountains, there is lots of activity nearby and things to do that vary depending on what you and your group are interested in doing while you are in town. 

Fun Things to Do in Denver CO: The Overview

The residents and visitors alike in Denver are looking for fun things to do regularly to keep them busy and enjoying life.

There are a few things that top the others though. These different things give you and your group the ability to thorough experience Denver as the lively city that it is and embrace the nature surrounding the area as it opens up to the Rocky Mountain National Park where the wildlife of the West runs free and gives millions of visitors a unique experience each year. 

Have a Family? Things to Do in Denver With Kids

If you are bringing your family to the Denver area with toddlers or teenagers, there are few things that you definitely need to check out as a family and do while you are in Denver. 

Denver Museum of Nature & Science

Let your toddlers and teenagers grasp an educational evening in Denver when they visit the Denver Museum of Nature & Science.

Here, the entire family can enjoy an afternoon experiencing artifacts, interactive galleries, and learn about the natural science discoveries that have happened in the nearby area. 

Children's Museum of Denver at Marsico Campus

With a targetted audience of young families with smaller children, the Children's Museum of Denver at Marsico Campus offers more kid-friendly exhibits that encourage small children to get involved and dive into their education about different things in history and science. 

Denver Zoo

Nothing grasps the attention of children the way animals at the zoo do. With the ability to feed and interact with some of the wildlife living in the park, your children are able to thoroughly enjoy their afternoon at the zoo touring the facility, interacting with the animals and engaging in activities across the zoo. 

Adult Things to Do: Denver for Grownups

There are some parts of Denver CO that are reserved for adults who are traveling as a couple or a group to the city. Enjoy others your age with the same interests and goals when you enjoy these adult things to do. 

Denver Microbrew Tour

Enjoying the best of the breweries that Denver has to offer is one of the best adult things that visitors and locals in the area embrace regularly when they visit Denver. The tour hits breweries that are located mostly in the downtown area and are brewed right here in Denver. 

Colorado Pinball Pub

If you want to take your beer festival indoors, then head over to the Colorado Pinball Pub. Adults can enjoy their favorite alcoholic beverages and arcade games for an afternoon or evening of fun. 

Punch Bowl Social

If you want to find the local hipsters and gather with young adults engaging in craft beer and socializing, then the Punch Bowl Social is where young adults need to be to meet others and embrace the nostalgia of arcade games and bowling alleys for pure adult fun. 

Have a Tight Budget? Free and Cheap Things to Do in Denver CO

If you are traveling on a budget and are looking for some of the inexpensive options out there in Denver, there are a few places you can visit that are grossly cheap or even free to explore. 

Union Station

If you want to experience the culture and life of Denver at no cost, you can head over to Union Station and embrace the importance of train stations everywhere.

The decor and detail as well as the ambiance of the station are enough to give visitors a new perspective. The best part is that the cost of this visit is nothing. 

Hammond's Candy Factory 

If your group is interested in a little Denver history and touring a candy facility, Hammond's Candy Factory is open and available six days a week for guests to enjoy. With an international distribution list after nearly a century of being open, the factory welcomes guests with open arms.

The U.S. Mint of Denver Tour

Are you curious about the U.S. Mint and the manufacturing of American coins? At the U.S. Mint of Denver tour, you can embrace the process behind minting coins at no cost at all.

Explore the Culture and Shop: Things to Do in Downtown Denver

If you are staying in the Downtown area of Denver CO and want to visit a few places that you can walk to, consider visiting one or more of the following locations in the downtown district of Denver.

Do Some Shopping on 16th

While you are in the downtown area of Denver, head over to 16th street and enjoy local shops for some retail therapy. If you have spent a few days hiking in the Rocky Mountains, this is a great way to spend a morning or afternoon for some lowkey activities. 

Colorado Convention Center

There is always something going on downtown at the Colorado Convention Center. Large exhibits, shows, and concerts are available in each season and it is centered in the downtown, making it easy to walk to if necessary. 

Denver Art Museum

If you are looking to grasp Midwest and Southwest art culture in the Denver area, take a walk down to the Denver Art Museum. With lots of local and regional artists displayed throughout the facility, there is something for everyone in your group to enjoy. 

Things to Do in Denver CO At Night

After spending the day in a business conference, touring the city, or hiking the nearby Rockies, it is time to take in the night action found in Denver. Below are some of the hot spots to enjoy once the moon rises. 

Lakeside Amusement Park

Conclude your day of adventure with a night of fun at the Lakeside Amusement Park.

With lots of traditional and old-school rides located throughout the park, it brings back a bit of nostalgia for the older guests and lots of genuine fun for the smaller ones looking to have a mini-adventure before bed. 

Dark Side of Denver Ghost Tours

Are you looking for something a little spooky to put you on the edge at night? If so, Dark Side of Denver Ghost Tours will help get your adrenaline pumping with one of their evening ghost tours in the downtown area of Denver. 

The Downtown Denver Rink at Skyline Park

When it gets cooler in Denver and the snow and ice start to fall, the Downtown Denver Rink at Skyline Park is a great place for a night time stroll out on the ice. Families, couples and groups of friends all enjoy bundling up and hitting the ice after dinner for a little while. 

Date Night Out: Romantic Things to Do in Denver CO

Have you come to Denver with your significant other? Even if you came in with a group or family, take one evening to enjoy these romantic things to do in Denver CO.

Horse-Drawn Carriage Rides

If you are looking to spend a little one-on-one time with your significant other, enjoy the scenery and coziness that comes with horse-drawn carriage rides in the heart of Denver. You will get to tour some of the most beautiful areas of Denver, embrace the scenery, architecture, and each other on your ride. 

Kayak in Confluence Park

Continue enjoying each other's company during the day when you rent a kayak and in Confluence Park and enjoy a beautiful day out on the water, just the two of you. Being able to take in the beauty of Denver's outdoors and enjoy it with your special someone is something that many couples in the area embrace regularly at Confluence Park.

Sommers-Bausch Observatory

Stargaze with your partner when you visit the Sommers-Bausch observatory. Another beautiful scene to enjoy, you can enjoy quiet and awestruck moments with the person you care about the most while you are in Denver. This is a great thing to do following a romantic dinner in downtown Denver. 

Unique Things to Do: A Few Hidden Secrets

Are you looking to visit something or get a real Denver experience that is cool and unlike the rest of your trip? If so, then head over to one of these locations for some cool and unique fun. 

Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge

When you tour this refuge, you are literally driving over areas that were settled by some of the first pioneers, experiencing the same views that they had when they moved out West from the East Coast.

Wild buffalo still roam this area and they can get close enough for candids and give you a unique experience you cannot find in other cities around the country. 

Red Rocks Amphitheater

While many cities have amphitheaters for shows, Denver is home to the Red Rocks Amphitheater, which is built into the infamous red rock found in the desert of Colorado. When you watch a show at this amphitheater, you are truly taking in the landscape, terrain, and scenery unlike anywhere else.

Lite-Brite Bar

While most cities have unique restaurants and bars for dining, a cool and unique place in Denver is Lite-Brite bar. The unique thing about this location is that it is located in a former mortuary before it was converted into a dining space. 

Visit Coors Field

The sports fans who enjoy touring local ballfields in new places should head over to Coors Field while they are in Denver. The view of the Rocky Mountains while watching a baseball game is unmatched by any other field in the country. Either enjoy a tour of the field, catch a game, or do both while you are in Denver. 

Empower Field

While you are at it, head on over to Empower Field to see the home of the Denver Broncos. They also offer tours to sports fans who want to engage in the local sports and get some history while in Denver. 

Outside Things to Do in Denver

Embracing the outdoors is the best feature of Denver. With a view of the Rocky Mountains at almost every turn, there is a reason everyone always wants to be outside in Denver. While there are literally hundreds of things you can do outside in Denver, below are some of the top outdoor things to do. 

Denver Botanic Gardens

If you want to experience true beauty while in Denver, head over to the hidden botanical treasure, the Denver Botanic Gardens. This hidden oasis is a breath of fresh air and beauty in the height of the desert. The number of beautiful flowers and ornamental bushes is outstanding to guests considering the local terrain of the area. 

Rocky Mountain National Park

The best part of Denver and one of the attractions that bring so many into the city each year is the Rocky Mountain National Park.

With an entrance to the park just outside of Denver, you can head over to the park and choose one or two hiking trails to explore and give you a full Rocky Mountain experience while on your trip.

There are numerous trails to choose from, so you want to stop by the visitor center and get a map, speak to a ranger and determine which trails you will take based on the physical level and mileage of the trail.

Cruise Down Colfax

If you want to take on the open road that was once a part of the historic Highway 40, then head down Colfax Avenue. It is also currently the longest street that is continuous in the entire United States because it was a part of such a historic road that once traveled from the East Coast all the way to the West Coast.


Head over to Platt Park where it meets South Broadway or SoBo to take advantage of vendors selling furniture, antiques, and art pieces to locals and visitors looking to take home a piece of Denver with them.

With the recent legalization of marijuana in Colorado, you can also find these legal dealers in the square selling their own harvest. 

Too Snowy? Try Some Indoor Things to Do in Denver

Sometimes the weather in Denver does not cooperate with your outdoor plans. When this happens it is great to have a backup plan and have some indoor fun while you are in Denver.

Denver Escape Room

Do you want an adventure that your entire party can participate in? If so, head inside to the Denver Escape Room. Your group will be locked in from the outside and you will have to work together to get yourself out of the room before the timer goes off by using clues and keys found in the room. 

Archery Games - Denver

If the weather is poor out or your group just wants to spend a morning or afternoon indoors, the Archery Games - Denver allows your group to warm up your archery skills and practice safely under the assistance of trained professionals who can help guide you if you are new to the sport. 

Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park

Do the kids with you need to burn some energy on a rainy or snowy day in Denver? If so, the Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park has a variety of trampolines and jump areas where your kids can interact with each other and burn off that energy.

They can take advantage of trampoline basketball, obstacle courses, and other games that keep them active for an hour or two at a time. 

Downtown Aquarium

If your group is looking for additional indoor fun that has animals, the Downtown Aquarium is a great place to visit when the weather outside is not ideal.

With the aquarium being completely indoors, you can stay dry and comfortable while enjoying one of Denver's best treasures downtown. 

Start Planning Your Trip to Denver CO Today

If you have a trip to Denver planned in the near future, you should start planning some of the events that you would like to do based on your group and your budget.

Based upon who you are taking in your group and how many are going, you may want to start planning ahead for different events. Take a look at the weather for that time of the year and check it again before you leave. Plan to layer your clothing to match the changing weather in Denver.

It is a good idea to call places that require tickets ahead of time to make sure they are still available. Also plan a backup plan in the event of inclement weather that is not ideal for outdoor activities. Denver looks forward to having you soon!

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