Moving Forward with Todd Reed

How changing locations reflects a change in perspective for Todd Reed Personally and Professionally

Article by Annie Bloj; The Bloj Report

Photography by Joe Friend

Originally published in Boulder Lifestyle

There is a sense of ease and calm confidence when entering Todd Reed's new location at 1911 Pearl Street. Perfectly situated, slightly set back from the street, this particular setting represents Reed's next chapter professionally and personally. Transforming this building into a self-contained world of his own design reflected a shift he had felt for some time.

"I wanted to slow down and focus on myself, my space, and see if I could come up with a unique experience that better reflects who I am today," Reed says.

Fortuitously, at the beginning of 2020, the building became available to purchase. Reed thought to himself, "This is the time where you dig deep and become the person you always knew you could be, so in many ways, this building is metaphoric." 

Reed embarked on this project with two key people, one was longtime collaborator Shandele Gumocio of Studiovert. He then called on friend and artist Stephen Porsberg to partner with him throughout the process. Together, they honored the building's historic nature while transforming the environment to reflect what Reed had envisioned. In many ways, it aligned with what he has always felt about his brand.

"This building, built during a specific time period, wasn't something that I was trying to emulate. However, what's always been important to my brand is a sense of timelessness. I've always seen Todd Reed as a heritage brand, but one with a modern skin."

In various ways, the goal was to invite clients into "The House of Todd Reed," an environment that felt more like a home than his previous location—carefully appointed with his jewelry designs but inspired by the many layers of his history and inspiration. 

The new location has been designed with intention, care and his clients in mind. As you enter the building, a window into the atelier greets you, pulling back the curtain on the creative process. In the front room, Reed and his team specifically built out a jewelry display to house a rare Arne Vodder credenza that they had in mind but could not find in the market. They found the exact piece in Kansas through a serendipitous search, the seller being a Todd Reed collector. From the custom paint color for the trim and doors that took Reed weeks to create, to the black ceramic doorknobs, even down to the perfect vintage wall mount for the art deco bathroom mirror, every design element has been considered with the same attention to detail that Reed gives his jewelry design. The result is a stunning blend of vintage and modern, honoring the past while looking towards the future.

While the big parties that he was known for might be on hold, Reed looks forward to welcoming the community to this new location. The building's front porch is the perfect setting for a little music, a glass of wine, and a chance to slow down and enjoy the community he has built for himself and his brand here in Boulder. 

“My team and family are also a part of the homelike quality and drive me to deliver the most luxurious and most beautiful experience as possible. Everything I am able to do is because of the support of the fantastic team and family that I have around me.”

Pre-pandemic, Reed and his team were moving towards an appointment-only shopping experience. Since putting this into place to adhere to strict health and safety guidelines, the team has decided to commit to this long term. He prefers the one-on-one relationship built through these appointments and intimacy that he can offer his guests at his new location.

"I really wanted to slow down and to focus on myself, my space, to see if I could come up with a unique experience that better reflects who I am today."

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