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All Buttered Up Beauty Bar & Med Spa


All Buttered Up is a boutique med spa that places our Buttered Up Beauties at the highest priory. We are obsessed with offering the best in the industry and proving all inclusive care to help our Beauties achieve their aesthetic goals. All Buttered Up is our owner Caitlyn’s dream, she has been building and creating an environment to make all our Beauties feel like they are part of the Buttered Up family. We strive to enhance our already stunning Beauties to their most confident and remarkable self. We aspire to always be educated in the best of the best in the industry and provide incomparable service. We want our Beauties to have the best experience and results with integrating skin care and medical spa treatments. We are committed to our boutique med spa and will always provide the very best care for every Beauty that comes to see us. We can’t wait to Butter you up!