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Avatar Math Center Potomac

Avatar Math Center Potomac



About Us

Avatar Learning Center offers instructor-led online Math and Science programs. AvatarMath is the flagship program introduced by the Avatar Learning Center for students K-12. Along with year-long math program, Avatar Learning Center holds short courses targeted at specific topics at a time, and an intensive summer school. Additional programs include AvatarScience and AvatarCompetition courses. Avatar programs are developed and taught by experienced educators with Ph.D. in STEM. Avatar Learning Center developed effective teaching methodology and innovative curriculum targeted to build critical thinking, mathematical proficiency, problem solving, and logical reasoning. Instruction is provided in small class settings (average class size is six to seven students), which allows to provide individualized instruction and the opportunity for the students to have peer-to-peer interaction. The program is offered at different levels - to accommodate students who need to improve, as well as those who are looking to advance and enrich their knowledge. Contemporary technologies allow successful instruction, assigning and capturing the homework, as well as continuous monitoring of students’ performance and communicating student’s progress with parents, and the convenience of online classes is undeniable. Online enrollment is available via our website at Students take a free 30-minute assessment with an experienced educator and placed in the right level best suited to their needs. We invite you to follow our social channels on Facebook and Instagram @AvatarMath to stay up to date and challenge yourself with our fun brain teasers.