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Harpeth Conservancy

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Harpeth Conservancy, formerly known as the Harpeth River Watershed Association (HRWA), in middle Tennessee, is a science-based conservation organization dedicated to clean water and healthy ecosystems for rivers in Tennessee. We employ scientific expertise and collaborative relationships to develop, promote, and support broad community stewardship and action. Our program areas include: Clean Water Protection: Harpeth Conservancy leads environmental policy and advocacy efforts across the state of Tennessee. Our network of partners and collaborators are constantly assessing issues, making recommendations, and commenting on legislation that could affect the health of our river ecosystems. Science & Restoration: Harpeth Conservancy plans and implements projects that protect and improve water quality and ecosystem health in Tennessee rivers. These projects can be divided into two categories: (1) river science research and (2) environmental restoration activities. We're currently stewarding a Citizen Water Quality Monitoring Project and implementing river clean up and stream bank restoration projects with partners and volunteers. Community Engagement: Harpeth Conservancy partners with community organizations, schools, faith communities, and the general public to promote awareness of issues relating to clean water, foster an appreciation for wildlife, and educate on responsible, safe, and respectful recreational use of our waterways. Join us!