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Moonchild Thai Spa

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I’m Honored and Grateful To Be Here… Piya, Piyada means Beloved in Thai Language. “Healing Art and Body Work has always been one of my passions….” “Born and raised in Thailand, And I’m fortunate that I had gotten a chance to learned Thai Traditional Massage with some of the best Thai massage therapist masters, moreover I had gotten an opportunity to work abroad at high end resort and spa in Kuwait back in the past, plus I have graduated from Cortiva institute here in Connecticut, USA in 2019 for massage therapist program and passed my state exam as a Licensed Massage Therapist in 2020, so I could definitely say that I have quite of experience in this industry for years. I have always learning to integrate my skills and knowledges on this profession of mine as much as I could, especially the Eastern philosophy approach through body healing arts like massage ☺️ “Being a Professional Licensed Massage Therapist is such an honored role for me to be in. Both Therapist and clients have to feel some trusts and specific connections before going to have one. We both “MUST RESPECT” each other boundaries. As a Therapist myself, I have been learning so much from being in this career field for more than 10+ years, I have been experiencing all kind of clients, thankfully most of them are blessings and best teachers for me to learn and gain experiences. It’s such an honor to help, and facilitate every “BODY” to heal, because every one of us is different, some clients might think they need some deep work to alleviate muscles soreness, but their bodies are crying for relaxation session to activate the parasympathetic nervous system or rest and digest nervous system that has been suppressed for quite sometime, as a therapist, it’s crucial to deliver client needs and desires, BUT most of us don’t really know how to observe our body’s needs, we do our best to educate and recommend the right treatment for clients. That’s why I created My Moonchild’s signature massage, this signature, will be uniquely created just right for every “BODY” needs… I combine all my knowledge and techniques I have been accumulating throughout a decade to help your body’s gradually heal from within. ☺️ MoonChild’s officially has born on 07/25/2022 at 61 Raymond rd. West Hartford, CT 06070 ?????????I’m so grateful and fortunate to have gotten this chance to be in this role. I’ve got a chance to do what I Love ? Thankful to all my teachers ?????? Piya ? Piya, Piyada Phunsawat, LMT and Professional Thai Massage Practitioner in Connecticut, USA