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Morris Hall PLLC

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For more than five decades, Morris Hall has been providing quality estate planning legal services for its clients seeking opportunities to preserve wealth and assets through estate preservation plans. In fact, estate planning, asset preservation and probate law have been our only areas of practice. We are proud to have helped thousands of individuals of all levels of wealth and assets, people concerned about protecting their families from the devastating legal and financial effects of disability and death. Our Core Values Trust Excellence Compassion Positive Environment What Makes Us Different When it comes to you and your estate plan, you want someone who truly cares. At Morris Hall, we care about each individual circumstance and family, and help you to create an estate plan that will protect what matters most. Every member of our team is committed to helping you and your family accomplish your estate planning goals. As a proven way to protect families from the expense and delay of probate, to minimize or eliminate federal and state taxes, to protect against the expense and grief of incapacity, and to avoid having to spend all assets before qualifying for long-term care, the firm has championed the use of revocable living trusts. Morris Hall provides documents, plan reviews and strategies that simply cannot be duplicated by law firms that are not members of the selective American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys. No other law firm has the capacity to provide the expertise and knowledge that membership in the AAEPA offers. Simply put, at Morris Hall, you have the experience, skill and knowledge of the leading estate planning professionals in the nation backing your goals.