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Oren Ross & Associates LLC

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Oren Ross & Associates is an Estate Planning Law Firm that specializes in creating comprehensive estate planning packages, including Trusts, Wills, Powers of Attorney, and associated documents. Estate planning is not something reserved only for the very wealthy. This is a common misconception among many people—they believe they need to have a hefty portfolio of assets, money, and real estate before making any plans for the future. The truth is estate planning is an important tool for everyone—from a young couple that has just started a family to the senior citizen who is ready to retire. Most people think of estate planning as something that is needed after they die, but a good estate plan can also be useful while you are still living because it can protect your interests in case of incapacitation, say from a car accident. Oren Ross & Associates takes pride in offering estate planning services in a professional and highly customized manner, so you can be confident that your loved ones will be taken care of, regardless of what tomorrow may bring.