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Petbar Cedar Park

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Petbar Cedar Park is your go to Boutique Bathing and Grooming Salon. We offer Self Service Washes, Full Service Washes, Full Service Grooming and Membership packages starting at $39/mo. Self Service: Bring in your dog to petbar self service dog wash. We will provide everything to make your dog look and smell great! Full Service Washes: If you do not want to do the work, we can do it for you! Schedule your full service dog wash and let our professional dog wash team do the dirty work for you. Included in the full service bath is the bath, drying, ear cleaning, nail trim, and a light brush out. Reservations are required for the full service bath so BOOK NOW Full Service Grooming: Petbar has outstanding dog groomers that are ready to make your dog’s spa service as stress free as possible! Because of our low stress and laid back grooming setting, our groomers do get booked so give us a call to book your full-service grooming!Grooming prices are based by breed, weight and style.