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Pet Wants Loveland


At Pet Wants, we swim against the mainstream tide and avoid ingredients which contribute to pet allergies and health issues. We NEVER use: Sugar, corn, wheat, soy, artificial colors, animal by-products, or fillers. We also believe that fresh is better and we never sacrifice nutritional value strictly for the sake of economic efficiency (unlike the majority of big-name pet foods on the market). Most pet food is mass-produced in extremely large batches of 500 tons or more. Using less-than-optimal protein sources and cooking temperatures, the highly-processed products end up waiting in warehouses. Up to a year and a half have passed from manufacture to your dog or cat's bowl. As pet food ages, it loses nutritional value and can lead to issues in your pet's health. Pet Wants, on the other hand, will deliver our small-batch pet food to your dog or cat's bowl within weeks; not months.