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RockBox Fitness Montgomery Road

RockBox Fitness Montgomery Road



About Us

From the moment you enter a RockBox studio, your goals are our #1 concern. We see your potential and know that with commitment and accountability you can reach new levels of strength that will transform your life. You will feel better, and that makes us feel better. You’re not in this alone. Our trainers make up the expertise and the passion that drives our workouts. Each of them is professionally certified, accredited, and has years of experience boxing and kickboxing. They must go through a rigorous in-house apprenticeship before being allowed to teach and lead a RockBox class. Our founder makes absolutely sure they are ready for our kick-ass RockBoxers. Going to the gym to do the same workout everyday? Nope – not for us. Our studios are unique, as they feature all of the equipment and heavy bags you would expect for a cardio-intensive boxing and kickboxing workout, plus insane amounts of functional training tools. And most importantly– we rock. We have high-end sound and light systems installed in every studio to rock the tunes and the vibes to keep you pushing hard. Every workout is different, but they all keep you moving and improving. This, and our lifetime of experience, is the key to creating workouts that get you results. Bootcamps and circuit training can sometimes grow stale and boring for participants. We don’t believe that creates long-term results for our members or our business. RockBox members tell us we have the perfect combination of intensity, mojo, fun, motivation, and results. Our concept takes fitness to a whole new level. If you hold the same set of values and are interested in opening a RockBox Fitness studio, contact us, and let’s chat. We look forward to talking.