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Starting Strength Cincinnati


Physical strength is the most important thing in life. This is true whether we want it to be or not. That is the first sentence in Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training—the foundational textbook upon which our training method at Starting Strength Cincinnati is based—and it’s not an exaggeration. It’s something we believe wholeheartedly. Our mission at Starting Strength Cincinnati is to make you stronger than you were yesterday. The sole purpose of the work you do in our gym is to enhance your life outside our walls, and we have a proven, time-tested, incredibly effective system that dramatically increases physical strength for every person of every age every time. We offer 1 on 1 coaching from the most skilled coaches in the fitness industry within a wonderful small group format. Your physical strength is precious. You should protect it, and we’d love to help you learn how.


  • Free 30-Minute Session