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Strait Luxury | Residential | Land

Real Estate

Growing up in a military family, Tamara Strait learned the values of respect, determination, and loyalty at a young age. She also learned the importance of having a special place to call “home.” For most of her life, the Texas Hill Country has been that special place. She says, "Texas is not like any other State. It is a State that leads and I want to be like that in my industry." Growing up with very little, Tamara understands work ethic and is motivated each and every day to be better than the day before. Each step of her journey has only fueled Tamara’s passion for real estate, and through her experiences, Tamara has created many valuable professional and personal relationships. Her outgoing personality as well as her precise understanding of current trends and cutting edge marketing approaches make it simple for Tamara to cater to the needs of each individual client and deliver them complete satisfaction.


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