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StretchLab provides one-on-one, customized assisted stretching sessions. The stretches are given on our custom designed benches by Flexologists who will customize your stretch to your needs and talk you through your stretches. Our Flexologists employ a “push & release” type of stretching (technically “proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation stretching”, or PNF) where you will be resisting a bit at times during the stretch and then releasing, resulting in a more effective stretch. OUR VALUES Freedom Above all else, we celebrate the freedom to move, to participate, and to engage in the life you want to have. Energy We help uncover and release the natural energy that comes from healthy movement. Growth We are committed to continuing education and personal growth across our entire team & clients. Community We engage and support the local neighborhoods in which we live and work and create our own in each StretchLab. Caring We understand the role human touch plays in the care and comfort of our clients and ourselves. Our Mission is to provide the highest quality assisted stretching services to clients of all types - connecting their flexibility and range of motion to an increase in quality of life, energy and lifestyle. Vision To be the worldwide leader in assisted stretching services.