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The Upper Cut KC

The Upper Cut KC

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About Us

We’re farmers first. A large part of our mission is to help feed our community in a better and more sustainable way. Our owners have run a cow calf operation for over 50 years. Including a spring bull sale and winter female sale at It wasn’t until they began realizing that the quality of beef available to the public wasn’t great that they chose to finally open a retail space. It has blossomed into a passion of owner Mariah's who says “My focus is quality, we want to be the best. Put the best product on each families table.” Alongside that, service is a huge part of this team’s mantra. From carrying bags to your car, to hand patting your burgers, to staying hours after close to offer later pick up. The Upper Cut is a place where after a couple times they greet you by name and often remember your order too. They’d love to meet you and assist you in any way! Truly, from their farm to your family.