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Vibe Tribe Fitness


We have dreamed about creating a personal training experience that empowers others to invest in themselves, and build their confidence through pain-free strength training. Being in the fitness industry, we have learned a couple important things. First, there is a big need for more women to take up space in strength based performance sports such as powerlifting and weightlifting. We have talked to so many people, especially women, who are interested in learning how to confidently work with a barbell, or simply to get stronger in order to play with their kids, but are intimidated by the typical layouts and energies of large gyms. Second, we realized there is a need for more pain-free focused personal trainers. We specialize in pain-free strength training. We believe that a good quality of life largely depends on moving without the aches that prevent so many from moving more within their day. Come visit us at our gym in Everett, WA.