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Vice Kitchen

Food + Beverage

Two Global Food Traders, Jian Geng and Daniel Barbalho, had a vision of bringing high quality proteins and other foods from their global travels to the local consumers of their hometown Atlanta, GA. Jian took the first step and purchased a local slaughterhouse in Ellijay, GA and rebranded it as The North Georgia Meat Company. Quickly, they added high school and college friends, Nick Leahy, Bart Sasso and Jorge Bazan. Nick Leahy brings a Chef Curated touch, Bart Sasso is an exceptional Marketing and Graphics expert in the Food and Beverage world and Jorge Bazan is a renown modern Architect and Builder. Combining all their talents, Vice Kitchen was created and we are excited to travel the world and share with our customers the Direct Relationships of our producers that we have cultivated for decades and deliver the foods in a Chef Curated presentation with a unique branding and store experience.