Time to Stop Hiding Your Legs

With all the uncertainty and happenings in the world, it’s no wonder many of us have fallen into the trap of neglecting our health, much less pay attention to our legs! Now that summer’s coming to an end it’s a perfect time to consider getting your legs looking and feeling great so you can wear the latest styles and trends with confidence.  

For some people, small skin-surface veins are a cosmetic issue, but millions of people have leg symptoms they have been “dealing with” or putting on the back-burner.  

It’s not uncommon to want to use fashion to hide our flaws. Men typically start wearing long pants, even though it's 90 degrees outside, and women often resort to wearing long dresses, long skirts and pants. Both men and women commonly report that they are embarrassed about the way their veins make their legs look. “Out of sight, out of mind”... until leg symptoms start creeping up on you. 

Vein problems can cause symptoms of early leg fatigue and tiredness in the legs. It’s also very common for vein problems to cause leg cramps. Many people with vein problems report that their legs have less energy than they previously had. Quite often people with vein problems feel they need to rest or sit to avoid aching or throbbing discomfort that builds up if they stand for long periods of time. That means going out on the dance floor with your acid mini dress and white boots sounds like fun but something you are avoiding because of your leg problems.

There are millions of excuses to ignore all the signs of leg vein issues and concerns. We’re here to tell you now’s the perfect time to put yourself first and stop choosing your clothes and activities because of your legs.  

Easy on the wallet

From a financial perspective, the second half of the year is often a great time to optimize lingering health issues. Many of us have already partially (or fully) met our insurance deductible, which makes getting your veins checked more affordable. 

Time to get that vein check-up

We encourage you to schedule your initial appointment now. Although procedures to fix vein problems are quick, painless and performed on a walk-in-walk-out basis, most insurance companies make you “jump through some hoops” before covering vein procedures. Some insurance companies require that you try wearing a compression hose for six weeks (or even three months) and many insurance companies require “pre-authorization” (basically submitting some forms for review) before allowing vein procedures to be scheduled. 

Don't wait, act now! Your legs will thank you. Healthy legs, healthy life.

Vascular Solutions - Vein & Vascular Center - South Charlotte 

Vascular Solutions is a specialty medical practice dedicated to the diagnosis, management and treatment of vein and vascular disorders. Led by board-certified vascular surgeon Peter Ford, MD, FACS, RPVI, we treat the full spectrum of vein disorders, from cosmetic spider veins to complex vein problems and leg ulcers. 

To learn more about the services available from the experienced team at Vascular Solutions, call our office at 704.413.6200 or book an appointment online at

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