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Landscaping is popular in recent years. Many get bored of the conventional look of their backyard and perimeter of the home. To add a touch of class and elegance to the home environment, there are many landscaping services available in different parts of the world. Landscaping in Charlotte, NC, is nothing new. There are many companies offering landscaping services in Charlotte. To navigate Charlotte easily and get landscape designers, here is a guide to help.

Landscaping Companies in Charlotte, NC

The number of companies in Charlotte, North Carolina, delivering quality landscaping designs are abundant. Landscaping services cover several activities such as planting trees, lawns and designing the home space with rocks and stones. Landscaping includes the use of both natural and artificial materials. For property owners who can not afford to keep maintaining natural plants and features, the use of artificial materials like synthetic lawns, rocks, and stones are used. However, for individuals who prefer natural features, lawn plantation, tree plantation, and planting ornamental plants are usually preferred.

Maintenance is another service these companies offer. Maintaining these plants is crucial to ensuring the beautiful layout stays intact. Trimming, wetting, and regular checks help to keep natural effects in place. Some top companies to visit are North American Landscaping and Webb Landscape Management. Make no mistake there are well over 50 landscaping companies in Charlotte. There more options on Hobbs Hill Drive, William Caldwell Avenue, and Brookshire Boulevard just to name a few places.

The opening time for these companies fall between 7 am and 9 am, and the closing time falls between 5 pm to 9 pm. This is dependent on each establishment, the operating hours are never uniform. If you use the website of any of these companies, you get quotes for the project your home needs. The team of landscaping companies that includes architects and other types of professional contractors can evaluate the need and cost of your property project. 

Landscape Design Services

Landscaping in Charlotte, NC, encompasses many categories of outdoor decoration. The designing of residential and commercial structures involves several things. One major one lawn plantation. Lawn plantation is never easy to maintain. This is the reason why many of these companies offer lawn care services and other types of maintenance for the plants in the outdoor space.

Houses with big backyards are sometimes partitioned into small pieces to give room for the inclusion of a garden. Gardening services among other things like backyard decoration with boulders, waterways, and positioning of ornamental flowers and trees are services provided by landscaping companies.

Lighting is another common service rendered by landscape designers. The use of top-notch lighting that breathes class and adds a touch of magnificence is the specialty of these designers. 

BrightView Landscape and MetroGreenscape are good places to get landscape design services in Charlotte, NC. Belgrave Place and Belmont are likewise places to find additional designing services. These designing companies are also contractors to contact for water sprinklers to give the lawn an adequate supply of water.

Landscaping Supplies and Materials

Supply stores are just as many as the landscaping companies in the city. Some materials are crucial to the designing of the landscape. Landscaping in Charlotte, NC, requires maintenance for the natural home landscape. Supplies for lawn care, other natural plants, and most especially for materials to be used during the process of designing the landscape of a house are delivered by these supply stores.

Some good stores to get landscaping supplies like rock, stones, or boulders are Markham Landscape Products on Lakesideview Road and Atlantic Landscape Supplies on Brookshire Boulevard. These stores and many more offer pickup and delivery for all customers.

As you contemplated designing the outdoor of your property in Charlotte, use this guide to locate the best landscaping companies.

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