Why You Have Nothing to Wear

You walk into your closet. It's full of clothes, shoes and purses; you scream, "I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!"

We've all been there at some point in our lives – you feel like you can't get dressed because your closet is full of things you hate or bore you. Let’s fix this so it doesn’t happen again.

1. Buy Outfits, Not Pieces

When you go shopping you may often buy pieces, meaning you buy a shirt and you don’t buy a bottom. You buy a skirt, but you don't buy a top to go with it. This is especially true when you buy a trendy color or a color that’s not already in your closet. When you go shopping make sure you are buying whole outfits, even go as far as picking out shoes and accessories. 

2. Follow The Rule of Three 

Let’s say you’re in a store and you find a top that you love; it’s beautiful and you can imagine wearing it to brunch. Before you buy this top, while standing in the dressing room, think to yourself: What does this go with in my closet? If you cannot think of three outfits to make with this top, leave it in the store. The reason being, it will sit in your closet.

3. You Need Staples

Staples can be defined as classics that never goes out of style and help to build the foundation of a wardrobe. For example, a pair of jeans, a pair of black boots, a trench coat, a pair of black heels or a white button down. Staples can actually make up an entire outfit and they are the building blocks to a trendy outfit.

4. Trendy Clothing 

Are you buying clothing every season? If you have to buy something every time you go out or for a special occasion, then you have a trendy closet.

Save on trendy, splurge on classic. I have a jacquard cheetah jacket that cost $99, my trench coat was $350. While animal print is considered neutral to some, it might not always be "in." Had the cheetah jacket been more than $99, I wouldn't have bought it. The dark green trench coat is classic, it’s a staple and a quality piece; I won’t have to buy another trench coat next year.

5. Have Fun With Accessories 

You need to have accessories that can make an outfit versatile. Buy an everyday necklace, something simple and understated and then buy a statement necklace for special occasions. This applies to earrings as well. Buy a classic pair of gold studs or pearls and then invest in a showstopper.

6. Get Creative With Prints 

Do you wear all solids? If you don’t know where to start with prints, go for classic prints like polka dots and stripes. If you are just starting out with prints, keep it classic black, white or tan. Remember we want to make sure it fits with our closet.

7.  Play Dress Up

Spend time playing in your closet. Take the time to try different color combinations and pieces you haven't worn together before. For instance: I learned three weeks ago that mint and camel look great together.

I know we are all busy and playing dress up seems silly and meaningless, but I challenge you to pick three pieces in your wardrobe and put together three different outfits. Try new color combinations, play with prints and mix textures. If you find an outfit you really love, take a picture so you don't forget what you put together. 

8. Don't Settle

Do you love what you are wearing? Does it fit? Are you fidgeting when you wear it?

If you don’t love a piece in your closet, then chances are you wont wear it. Every single piece of clothing in your closet should, at the very least, make you feel good. If not, throw or give it away. Why? It is taking up prime real estate.

9. Rearange Your Closet

Out of sight out of mind, this is true with your closet as well. I recently did this, take your jewelry out and display it. We all like to believe that our memory is great, but the truth is we forget. Fix this by rearranging your closet. You may see something hanging next to another piece that you hadn't noticed before.

10. Buyer’s Remorse 

Don’t buy it just because it’s on sale, shop with a purpose.

Everyone has done this and once we get home, we find that we no longer like the piece or that it doesn't fit with anything in our closet. Make a list like you would prior to grocery shopping. If you know in the summer you love to wear shorts, take inventory and see what color is missing and put it on the list.

11. You've Leveled Up

Lastly, you have simply outgrown your wardrobe – it doesn’t speak to you anymore and it doesn’t inspire you. If you are continuously waking up and dreading getting dressed, then chances are you’ve outgrown your wardrobe.

Get on Pinterest, grab a style magazine and look for some inspiration. Ask yourself how you can incorporate what you love into your closet. One thing at a time, if you find that all your inspiration photos have dramatic tops, start browsing the internet for tops that are similar and build from there.

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