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Freedom Through Meditation

Find Inner Peace and Open Your Mind to Opportunity, Happiness and Prosperity

Founded in 2004 by master meditation teacher, Guru Ranjit Deora, Charlotte Meditation offers specialized meditation classes for individuals and businesses in the Charlotte area to address common complaints including stress, insomnia and other sleep disorders, depression, anxiety and pain. Charlotte Meditation takes great pride in focusing on teaching mindfulness and a meditation program that is simple to learn and not based on any religion but open to people of all ages, cultures and faiths.

Guru Ranjit

Guru Ranjit studied meditation in his native India, learning the ancient practice from renowned expert, Guru Dhirendra Bhramchari, who also taught mindful meditation to Mrs. Indira Gandhi, former prime minister of India. Ranjit has personally practiced mediation for more than four decades and has taught for 25 years. Ranjit uses meditation as a lifestyle approach to live a happy, healthy and peaceful life and he suggests you too can find peace and prosperity through mindfulness meditation.

Youth Meditation

In 2014, Ranjit founded the youth meditation program with the aim of assisting students enrolled in public and private schools throughout the Charlotte area in dealing with stress, anger and bullying while improving focus and aiding academic success. In the last five years, Charlotte Meditation has taught over 4,000 local students how to effectively address these common issues.

Corporate Wellness Program

Ranjit also specializes in corporate wellness consultation, bringing his expertise in mind-body balance to bear in his creation of programs designed to specifically aid those working in the corporate environment. The range of corporate wellness programs offered through Charlotte Meditation include seminars, Lunch ‘n Learns and more through meditation and laughter yoga instruction.

Freedom Through Meditation

Ranjit has designed the individual and corporate programs offered by Charlotte Meditation with one constant guiding principle in mind:

Meditation is not discipline. It’s freedom.

Meditation offers freedom from negative thoughts, sleepless nights, stress and other factors that can hold you back from meeting your desired goals. The peace mindful meditation offers can create a positive mindset that is open to opportunity, happiness and prosperity.

Classes Offered by Charlotte Meditation

Charlotte Meditation offers a wide variety of classes including mindfulness meditation, meditation therapy, mantra meditation, meditation for self-discovery, laughter yoga and the holistic Ayurveda food and nutrition program. All of these meditation classes will get you to a place of peace, but Ranjit and the staff at Charlotte Meditation will confer with you and based on your Dosha (mind-body type) and constitution, will recommend the best classes for you.

Mindful Meditation Teachers Training Program

You can learn mindful meditation practices through a certification course offered at Charlotte Meditation. Students learn how to effectively teach others and use their skills as meditation teachers to give back to the community.

Want to Learn More?

To set up an individual or corporate meditation program visit or call 704.277.6049 today.

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