Vascular Solutions for the Art of Healthy Legs

Renowned vascular surgeon Dr. Peter Ford and his wife, Katie, own and operate Vascular Solutions, a specialty practice dedicated to treating circulatory disorders. Vascular Solutions is located in south Charlotte’s Arboretum Shopping Center.

Symptoms of Varicose Veins

Dr. Ford frequently treats patients suffering from venous reflux disease, the most common underlying cause of varicose veins. Symptoms of varicose veins include pain or aching, throbbing, restlessness, fatigue, cramping and swelling. Advanced cases can lead to new symptoms such as staining and discoloration of the skin and/or the appearance of wounds.

While those who manifest pronounced varicose veins as a symptom of their disease are most often aware of the cause of their discomfort, many individuals experience the condition only as having aching, throbbing and tired legs and may have no idea they are dealing with venous reflux disease. Dr. Ford points out that individuals “living with leg symptoms that are anything more than mild or intermittent, may be living with those symptoms needlessly.”

New Patient Consultations

Dr. Ford is a strong believer in the value of consultations for new patients with visible varicose veins and those who present with leg pain. New patient consultations take approximately 90 minutes and include a detailed ultrasound of the leg veins to properly identify existing problems. The doctor and patient then discuss the ultrasound findings, the various treatment options and the pros and cons of each one.

Vein procedures are typically covered by most insurance plans provided the patient exhibits certain symptoms combined with findings that reinforce the diagnosis on the vein ultrasound. Completing the diagnostic ultrasound and the new patient consultation in one visit allows patients to leave Vascular Solutions with a verified diagnosis and a treatment plan.

Dr. Ford explains, “Millions of people have vein problems, with leg vein conditions being so prevalent in society—often under-diagnosed and under-treated—there's a lot of opportunities for me to help people.”

Vascular Solutions is located at 7800 Providence Road. Visit or call 704.544.7535 today to schedule a new patient consultation.

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