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The Arts Alliance features artist Terri Riddle this holiday season to teach the basics of the art of quilling.

Quilling is an art form using coiled paper strips to create a variety of colorful designs. “Quilling is relaxing and rewarding. It is a stress-free way to be creative,” reflects artist Terri Riddle ( 

Terri will be collaborating with The Arts Alliance ( to teach the basics of quilling in holiday-themed classes in December and February. Terri first connected with The Arts Alliance when she displayed her paintings at one of their art shows. Since then, she has shared her love of teaching a variety of art mediums to all ages through the Alliance’s many classes and camps. 

Recently, she became interested in creating art with paper and her intrigue with quilling began.

“Quilling is more fun art than fine art. It is the most beginner-friendly art I have ever done,” Terri relates.

“Everyone is born creative. Express your unique creativity,” Terri encourages.

Quilling Basics


+ Paper quilling strips

+ Slotted quilling tool

+ Circle sizer ruler

+ Scissors

+ Liquid glue

+ Paper crimper

+ Fine-tip tweezers

Step 1

Choose the colors of paper quilling strips needed for the project. Begin by inserting one end of a paper strip into the slot of the quilling tool. Twirl the paper tightly around the tool until the entire paper strip is used, forming a coil.

Step 2

Gently remove the coiled paper from the tool. Place the coil in the desired space on the circle sizer tool. Allow the coiled paper to fill the circle. Once set to size, carefully remove the coil. Tweezers may help when handling the coil.

Step 3

To secure the coil, apply a tiny amount of glue to the inside end flap of the coil. Hold the glued end in place for twenty seconds. Once secure, the coil can remain circular or pinched into a variety of shapes depending on the project.

“Everyone is born creative.”

Upcoming Adult Quilling Classes:

Holiday Ornaments, December 11

Valentine’s Day Hearts, February 5

Snyder House at Cottell Park

Register at 

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