Spiffy in a Jiffy

On-Demand car care company brings convenient, eco-conscious service to you.

We’re living in an age of convenience and time-saving strategies. Most of us could use an extra hour here and there, and we love the ability to easily schedule on our mobile devices. 

These factors were why Bethany and Brian Hinson realized that they’d love to introduce on-demand car care to fellow Cincinnatians. Booking an appointment for car services to come to you is the premise of Spiffy, a company that sends a van capable of handling a car wash and detail, oil changes and tire replacement right to your door. 

“In early 2021, we found out Spiffy had launched franchising, and we were so excited to bring this to the area in July,” says Bethany, co-owner of Spiffy in Cincinnati. 

There are three ways to schedule your Spiffy: the website, phone or a convenient app. Then Spiffy comes to you with the power and water—all they need is your keys. The Spiffy Customer Care team makes sure that they have a van available in your area, confirming your appointment ahead of time.

In addition to residential appointments, Spiffy offers fleet management where they service businesses’ vehicle fleets with a variety of services from an oil change to wash and detail. Lastly, Spiffy offers business-to-business partnerships with wash events and employee discounted rates. The return to in-office work presents an excellent opportunity to show your employees you value them with a “Spiffy Clean” vehicle. It’s easy and a real time-saving perk for employees heading back to the office.

Spiffy didn’t stop at providing convenience; they’ve aimed for the highest possible level of sustainability in their initiatives. 

“As a green certified carbon-neutral company, we reclaim 100% of the water and supplies we use with a proprietary wash mat, and we recycle about 50,000 gallons of oil a month across the entire Spiffy company,” says Bethany. “I’m really proud of it, since you don’t always think of the car care industry as eco-conscious, but that’s the lens we look through.”

Check out the Spiffy app and explore options for on-demand car care at GetSpiffy.com.

What Keeps Spiffy Customers Coming Back?

  • Consistent Quality—Technicians work through a step-by-step process to deliver the same consistency in the details every time.

  • Quick and Easy Time Commitment—Spend two minutes on the app versus an hour or more to go elsewhere for car services.

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