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Whether you're a student, family man, or a business owner buying a used car is the most convenient way of getting to own a vehicle. Not only are they crazy affordable, but they are also often still in very pristine conditions only needing the routine touch-up.

There are different types of used car dealerships in Ohio each serving a different market and with its own pros and cons.

Most dealerships will not always specify what kind of dealership they are, but you can be able to tell by considering their business model and looking at what sets them apart. Chain car dealerships are the ones that are run by large corporates who are in the business of providing affordable cars. These are usually slightly better quality given that they have to be taken through rigorous standard quality control.

In Cincinnati, car dealerships provide affordable cars as well as an easy purchasing process. The type of dealership one opts for is entirely dependent on their needs, budget, and availability. If you have a penchant for brands, a franchised car dealership In Cincinnati would be the way to go

Used Car Dealerships in Cincinnati

There are many used car dealerships in Cincinnati, Ohio. Although they offer the same service, each of them has something unique that it does in terms of availability, cost, and ease of access depending on where you are. The dealerships are easy to access and mostly found along the main roads and streets. 

There is an even distribution of Cincinnati car dealerships in almost every metropolitan area as well as when you are moving further away from the Central Business District.

As a midwestern state, Ohio is a pretty populated area, being the seventh most populated state in the US. This is a good thing because a greater demand for goods and services translates to competitive prices.

The average price of used cars in the US is slightly higher than what you will find in the State of Ohio. That is before factoring in the amazing discounts and tax cuts you'll get from most used car dealerships in the Cincinnati area. Unlike in Columbus, the state capital, used cars in Cincinnati are relatively affordable from as low as $2000 for a good used car.

Cincinnati Car Dealerships by Street

In the Cincinnati Central Business District, around the Coverdale area along Harisson Avenue, you'll find Auto Empire and K S Used Auto Sales.

These dealerships are highly rated with both being 4-star dealerships. Down the freeway, there is also LO'S Autosales along William P. Dooley ByPass and KBS Autosales located at Elmore Connection, near Mount Airy forest. They all have very positive customer reviews because of the quality of services rendered. 

Down the road from the Cincinnati Art Museum, there is Cincinnati Auto Credit Inc located along Gilbert Avenue. This dealership is also highly rated and is the only one along that stretch. As the name implies, over and above selling used cars, it also provides credit purchases at a competitive range. For students or recent graduates, this could be a good place to begin your car search and perhaps, make your first purchase.

Courtesy Automotive, with a 4.6-star rating, is located along Madison Road and has In-Store shopping. It is the highest rated used car dealership in the greater Cincinnati area with so many customers speaking about their proven track record. Their cars are in mint condition, offer money-back guarantees, and even some quality assurance standards.

Close by, along Montgomery Road, there is another excellent dealership in the name of Cincinnati Auto Haus. Just like Courtesy Automotive, this dealership boasts a very respectable 4.6-star rating complete with In-Store shopping as well.

Car Dealership Brands in Cincinnati

Many car brands sell in the Cincinnati area, but the most popular ones are Nissan, Ford, Hyundai, Dodge, Chevrolet, Toyota, Chrysler, Buick, and Volkswagen. Nissan has the most affordable and recently manufactured models, averaging at around $12000, thus preferred by most customers.

Ford has a wider variety of vehicle types including trucks, SUVs, sedans, and sports cars. The starting price for most Ford cars is a bit steep though, averaging at around $20,000 for their most popular models.

Toyota, which has often been cited as one of the top 10 best-used cars to buy boasts wide availability but is also a tad expensive compared to Nissan, also averaging $20,000. 

The most common types of cars in Ohio are sedans, hatchbacks, pickup trucks, vans/minivans, and coupes. This means that depending on your needs, budget, and personal preference, you should be able to find something for you in the used car dealership market. 

The used car dealership market in Cincinnati has grown over the years. If you're in Cincinnati and would like to get a car of your taste, don't go too far, just stop by the nearest street and you'll spot a car dealership or even better, a car that will entice you at first sight.

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