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Upgrade that Existing Front Door for a More Powerful First Impression

Cincinnati EntryPoint, a Mason custom-contracting favorite, can transform your entire entryway and pump up your curb appeal. Owner Bruce Carden shares three trends that add big impact and can ultimately increase the value of your home.

1. Blacks and Grays

Besides having a wide selection in current trending color options, Cincinnati EntryPoint has the perfect door to fit the style of any home. This craftsman-style door was recently installed in a local home to match the traditional look, but with added benefits of insulated glass and a custom fit for noise reduction.

2. Converting to a Bigger, Taller Door

Double the doors, double the impact. Consider removing the sidelites and the transom (which are the narrow panels on either side of a door and the decorative panel across the top), and replacing everything with a taller door or double doors. Cincinnati EntryPoint has more than 20 years in the business, giving them the edge of experience when it comes to making doors that fit flawlessly.

“People tell us all the time how easy it is to install our doors because they don’t ‘have to make them fit’ like ones purchased from home-center stores.” –Bruce Carden

3. Simulated-Divided Lites Grid Design

This look, which creates a grid across the window, is being welcomed by homeowners across the country. '

“Of course we offer new doors with this design, but we can also swap out just the glass of an existing door to get customers this modern look,” Bruce explains.

Cincinnati EntryPoint

1224 Castle Drive, Mason


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