Gonzo: Best Friend Extraordinaire

Our Winning Pup Will Steal Your Heart—and Save the Day

Article by Henry Allen

Photography by Matt Capps of Loveland Premium Portraits

Originally published in Loveland Lifestyle

In searching for this year’s “top dog,” Gonzo certainly made a splash. This seven-year-old poodle is good at everything he does. He’s an award-winning dock diver, competes at an elite level of scent detection, and last year placed 18th for fastest poodle in the country. “I’ve had police come up to me at the competitions and mention that they might need to look into poodles,” Joe laughs.

Gonzo is also a medical alert dog. He’s trained to alert his owner, Joe Wahler, when he’s about to have a seizure. Joe keeps Gonzo by his side everywhere he goes—this doggo has always been the perfect companion. “He’s just ready for anything at any time,” Joe shares. “He’s so happy to make me happy.”

Recently, Gonzo was diagnosed with cancer. He’s already undergone a major surgery, 26 radiation treatments and almost four months of chemotherapy—but this hasn’t changed his winning attitude. In fact, Joe finds that Gonzo tends to be more himself on chemo days. “He’s even excited to go to the vet!” These two save each other, every single day.

No matter the challenge, Gonzo will overcome.

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