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There are many schools in Dayton, Ohio, and depending on your choice and preference, you are assured quality education.

Public Schools

There are several public schools in Montgomery County, and Dayton Public school is the school district in the United States serving Dayton, Ohio. This district is home to Dayton Public Schools (DPS).

School Districts in Ohio

There are school districts in Dayton, Ohio, ranked based on a thorough analysis of some vital statistics and feedback from students and parents. These schools have an exceptional reputation based on their SAT/ACT scores, state test scores, graduation rates, college preparedness, quality of the teachers, and public school district ratings. If you are looking to challenge yourself academically, among the best Dayton schools are:

  • Oakwood City School District
  • Centerville City School District

High Schools in Dayton, OH

If you are looking to move to Dayton, it’s imperative to consider the high school you want your child to attend. There are a number of high schools, both public and private, located in Dayton, Ohio. These schools are top-rated, they have an excellent student to teacher ratio, and a significant percentage of their students are very proficient in their studies. The teachers in these schools give very engaging lessons to students, and the overall quality of education is good. Some of the top high schools in Dayton, Ohio, are:

Middle Schools in Dayton, Ohio

Middle schools in Dayton are dedicated to giving your child the best possible quality education by giving individualized attention to each student. In these schools, children are nurtured to accomplish what they set to achieve without any limitations. The lessons are individualized to build moral focus lessons and meet the needs of each student. Among the best Middle schools in the Dayton area are:

Elementary Schools in Dayton

Elementary schools help children and students to grow through their middle school years in a friendly environment. These schools have staff committed to academic excellence, and they work with students to get them the help they need. The support and teaching staff’s support is outstanding, and they all work tirelessly to improve student achievement to reach their academic goals. The following are some of the best elementary schools in Dayton, Ohio:

Christian Schools, Dayton, OH

Christian schools in Dayton strive to seek academic excellence from a Biblical perspective to help their students achieve leadership and service. At these schools, students are prepared for life through the provision of robust, Biblically-based, and Christ-centered academics and a multitude of service opportunities in fine arts and athletics. 

The students’ lives are impacted by a living curriculum that leads them to seek their own God and walk their own faith. Dayton Christian schools prepare students for college and usher them into the career world, ready to make an impact in a way that honors God. Such schools are catholic schools founded on mottos sustained by the spirit, founded by faith, and they teach different life attributes to students.

Charter Schools in Dayton, Ohio

In Ohio, charter schools are public schools operated independently of public school systems by either non-profit organizations or for-profit organizations. These schools are publicly funded in a significant way, but they are exempted from most of the requirements the state and local boards of education impose on public schools regarding curriculum and hiring. These schools don’t charge any tuition, and there are no imposed special requirements. 

Enrollment of students is done through a lottery process, should the demand exceed the number of slots available in these schools. Charter schools in Ohio rely on private donations and special grants from the federal government, and they are such as Horizon Science Academy Dayton School, sometimes called community schools.

Boarding Schools in Dayton, Ohio

There are many boarding school options for parents seeking affordable and great boarding schools for their children. Boarding schools are an excellent opportunity for students, both boys, and girls, to maximize their abilities and strengths to tackle their academic challenges in a well-structured and safe environment. These schools have staff who are skilled in mentoring and with incredible experiences to offer healthy recreation, maturity building responsibilities, and activities and impact knowledge to your child.

These schools act as temporary homes to students, so they should provide a caring and homey atmosphere even as the students are under supervision. The students in these boarding schools engage in life-skill building, and they are taught service and cooperation in building meaningful relationships with others. 

Summer Schools

In Dayton, Ohio, summer schools aim to provide the necessary academic enrichment programs for a variety of pre-college students. For years, summer programs have been used to provide students with hands-on, experimental academic enrichment programs to equip them for the coming school year. These schools offer a variety of academic and summer programs for grade-level students and rich knowledge enrichment and exploration of different fascinating subjects. 

These schools help students make meaningful friendships that last a lifetime, and they learn core values such as self-reliance, compassion, courage, open-mindedness, and even curiosity!

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