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Cincinnati is a glorious city widespread with lots of things to do. One nickname that it carries is the "Queen City" because it has a longtime historic influence. Cincinnati has remarkable skylines and plenty of things to do. There’s enough to do to take multiple trips to Cincinnati!

This is a place to be an explorer. An opportunity to add some new activities that you may have not considered doing before. That's what life's about: new experiences.

Fun Things to Do: Activities Around Cincinnati

To get a good feel for a particular city sometimes going to their local markets can give you a taste of day-to-day life, and the specialty that they offer in their talented city dwellers. One of the top places is Findlay Market is a popular option to see or buy some great yummy, and delicious goods that are provided.

One of the best ways to see a city from a different perspective is to book some tours, whether it be in a particular neighborhood or in benchmark areas where there are notable things to do. 

If you would like to take a more relaxed approach to see the city there are riverboat tours that you can do across the Ohio River. Just a side note: that particular option of a river cruise can also serve as a romantic gesture. 

Additionally, you can enjoy Sunday family dinners or lunchtime brunches.

Microbreweries are a huge thing in Cincinnati. You don’t necessarily even have to be a big drinker, but being able to see a more hands-on approach about how it really works through tours and workshops can be a unique experience.

You don’t have to drink if you don’t want to, but what you get to see there is quite fascinating. 

If you are in need of refreshment why not visit a botanical garden? Nature can be healing and restorative. There’s plenty of garden domains and beautiful things to appreciate as you stroll through. There are man-made waterfalls and goldfish ponds. 

You might even be able to spot some exotic species. You can also experience dreamy produce being grown like grapefruits, bananas, cacao trees, oranges, vanilla vines, and lemons.

Family Things to Do in Cincinnati with Kids

Not to worry there are neat things to do in Cincinnati to keep your kids and teens busy, happy, and satisfied! 

One of the ways to keep your kids happy and satisfied throughout your trip is to pick attractions that have lots of things to do. That way you’re not pressured to Jump from place to place to find something to do. One of those options could be Kings Island. There are more than 100 attractions and rides. It’s great because there’s something for every age group, even toddlers! 

Everyone gets to have a fun time because every age group is covered. Their family rides include 15 roller coasters. Now, for families that have little ones, they can enjoy a special area that is specifically designed for their age group and there are enough things to spend the whole day there.

One of the great things about getting admission to Kings Island about it comes with an extra bonus. For instance, their water park has 50 water attractions.

Adult Things to Do in Cincinnati: Singles and Couples Activities

If you are a nature and animal-oriented person you can tour zoos and do things like feed a giraffe. Who knows, maybe feeding a giraffe can be therapeutic to your soul. Or, it could be an awkward experience!

You can take your time, engage in some of the activities they have available, and even have lunch.

Speaking of food, the Cincinnati local food fave is Cincinnati style chili. Which they tend to pour over a hotdog or spaghetti. After a day or half a day of venturing, you refuel yourself with a local, delish city favorite!

After being super active for a few days, going here, there and everywhere you might want to take a day of relaxation. One of the ways to stay active, but yet be relaxed is to go on a riverboat tour during the sunset hours.

It’s not really like an active tour where people are talking to you and educating you on your surroundings. No, you can simply hop on a riverboat, find your favorite seat, relax, and enjoy an intriguing sunset.

Free or Cheap Things to Do

Zoos, parks, some indoor playgrounds are great things to do for free and cheap or inexpensive. If your kids are the appropriate age for indoor playgrounds Sharon woods is a great place to check out. It is a low-cost place that has an adventure station and will keep your kids busy for a good long time.

The state park on the riverfront is also a wonderful option because everything available to do is free. There are water playgrounds, traditional playgrounds with humongous swings, walking paths, and more.

There are other indoor playgrounds that have different kinds of playful attractions, and some of them even allow certain types of lessons that can be paid for separately.

Things to Do in Downtown Cincinnati

There are certain hubs within downtown Cincinnati where you can have all your needs met, without having to go very far. The Banks is a development right in the downtown Cincinnati area. Within this hub, you can find all kinds of eateries, amazing bars. There’s even a professional baseball park down at the end of it. That even hosts events at the stadium and there’s plenty of green space to walk around, sit down or stand facing the Ohio River.

I’ve mentioned before there are various types of tours that you can do while in Cincinnati. You can do a riverboat tour, on foot tours, but then there is an exhilarating Stratas helicopter Tours.

If you want to be a little extra fancy and spend a little extra cash this is the way to go! If you’re going to do all the other tours might as well include this one. You will depart from Lunken Airport and then fly over the Ohio River for 15 minutes.

There are a number of museums that you can visit while in Cincinnati, the one downtown is on Western Avenue called the Cincinnati Museum Center. One of the features of it is that it has an art deco flair and has several different types of museums within. 

If you have an interest in some prehistoric activities you can learn about the hall of dinosaurs that includes skeletons and fossils, their unique replicas of caverns, and of course various educational interactive activities.

Things to Do at Night

Of course, you wouldn’t just want to regulate your fun times to the day, you’ll want to experience some fun in Cincinnati‘s nightlife. There are plenty of things to do at night. A popular option is casinos; they’re typically open 24/7, and there are plenty of games and slot machines.

If going to a casino is not your jam, there are also opportunities to go bowling.There are six highly rated bowling alleys in Cincinnati. Or if you just need a good laugh, you can go to a comedy club. 

Cincinnati does attract some big-name comedians from all over our nation, and it’s a great thing to do with a group of friends, solo, or date night.

Live music is also a great option for something to do at night. Different pubs offered live bands with great food, cocktails beer, and intriguing ambiance. One great option is MOTR Pub. You can find all of that there.

For those of you who are big kids that like your alcohol and your gaming, there are places for you that provide a bar and arcade games.

Things to Do for Couples: Romance is in the Air

Create the romance. If you and your love are more hands-on people, it might be a cool idea to take some classes together. Something simple like drinking and painting could be fun. There are also opportunities to do cooking classes of various types of cuisine. If you would like to make your own dessert, you can also try a chocolate-making class.

For food options, they are definitely not lacking in Cincinnati. Steak and seafood are usually a great staple to always rely on. 

So in that regard, there is Jag's Steak and Seafood. That way you can have the staple foods that you know will be good, while enjoying your very upscale atmosphere.

If you have a curiosity about wineries and breweries there are many options to go and partake. You can do a tasting and even some classes. That could be a fun option after a nice dinner.

If you’re curious about different areas where you could have a cool date night here are some options: Hyde Park, Liberty Center, the Banks, Walnut Street, Mount Adams, Clifton Heights, Montgomery, Over the Rhine.

Cool Things to Do: An Interesting Experience

Cool and unique things to do in Cincinnati abound everywhere. It’s just a matter of identifying what is your preference for the day. But you can drink locally crafted beer in various places. However, the oldest bar in Cincinnati called Arnold’s Bar and Grill. It’s a popular place people like to go because of its sentiments of being the oldest bar in town.

There are plenty of sweet treats like raspberry chip ice cream, all sorts of desserts, and other things to satisfy a sweet tooth. All of which can be found in any given area where eateries abound.

Of course, there are museums, conservatories, scenic parks, and live music. If you would like to get your exercise in while enjoying the beauty around you there is the Cincinnati Art Museum. It has a brand-new set of stairs to climb. These are not your average steps. From the base of the art museum to 450 feet, you can climb stairs that give you an amazing view of the city, Eden Park, and other notable beauties. 

You can also browse the museum for free including many art pieces, with objects that span over 6,000 years.

Coney Island amusement park is also a fabulous option for when the weather is right. The park itself is not too far away from downtown Cincinnati. It is just across the way from the nearby Combs-Hehl Bridge. The park has a whole lot of variety and attractions.

It is divided into two parts: the dry part and the wet one. That’s great to be able to experience a waterpark with the option of having an area where you can stay dry, but yet have fun.

Indoor or Outdoor Things to Do in Cincinnati

Museums and art galleries are always a great indoor activity, and a lot of times they are free. Some galleries and museums have areas or exhibitions that are creatively interactive for children to enjoy and learn.

Also, indoor playgrounds, movie theaters, and performing arts centers make for great indoor activities depending on what is available during the time of year that you go.

Great top outdoor activities could be going to a festival, checking out botanicals, taking a ride on a boat, having a picnic at the state park. Grab your bike and find a scenic ride for a bit. Stop at a local outdoor market and get a fresh drink.

Phew! So much to do and so little time, right? Well, with all the nutty things that have been happening in our world it's time to create a little fun. We know that you can have that in this robust city!

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