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Dayton is famous for being home to the US Airforce Museum in Ohio. Global fine arts and scientific children's exhibits follow closely behind in popularity.

However, a critical fact that many people miss is that the city is family-oriented, and they love to take care of their teeth.

Hundreds of dentists operate from the city, ranging from pediatric to cosmetic dentistry. Dentists are in every section, making them easily accessible. 

Dentists in the Dayton Area

The average grade for dentists, is 4.2 stars, a not easily attainable feat. However, the residents hold the dental practitioners in high regard and have not failed to deliver stellar service. 

Two significant streets in Dayton are crowded with dentists, namely:

Salem Avenue

You will find a total of twenty-nine dentists operating along Salem Avenue or in its vicinity delivering excellent service. Every form of dentistry service can be obtained on Salem Avenue.

Dr. Earnest Cook, DDS, is a general dentist on this avenue with good ratings. 

Linden Avenue

On this avenue and in its surroundings, twenty-one dental practitioners’ services range from family to cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics.

Where the Kiddos Go: Children's Dentist

Being a family-oriented city, pediatric, and family dentistry should be a priority. However, the number of pediatricians in the city is surprisingly low. 

Children are catered to by thirteen dentists, and three have low ratings. Nonetheless, the other pediatricians have excellent ratings.

Dr. Thomas A. Grabeman has served Ohio as a family dentist for nearly four decades and is highly regarded for his stellar service. 

Dr. Love of Love Family Dental lives up to his name by delivering great artistry to all his patients.

Bright Tiger Dental on Miller Lane is loved by families who've been visiting the facility consistently for great check-ups, cleaning, and oral treatments.

Find a Dentist for the Acceptance of Medicaid

Patients with Medicaid insurance will be happy to know that sixty-nine dentists accept their insurance.

Unlike many cities where some dentists get a lot of flack for their attitude toward Medicaid, the dentists in the local area operate at the highest standard.

You should not have any problem overall getting your dental service promptly.

Lumineers and Other Fixes: Cosmetic Dentists

All the cosmetic dentists in Dayton are lauded by their clients. Patients expressed satisfaction with their lumineers, bridges, crowns, and more.

Dentists in Dayton, Ohio, offer cosmetic dentistry services. Half that number focuses specifically on that form of dentistry. 

Dr. James Shepler, DDS, is a champion of this form of dentistry in addition to emergency dentistry and endodontics.

7 Days, 24 Hours: Dentists for Immediate Help

The more than 140,000 Dayton residents have no 24-hour dentists to depend on in the event of an emergency.

They, however, have access to walk-in dentists all over the city should they have a daytime emergency.

Holistic Dentist

Biological dentistry, also known as holistic dentistry, is a mercury-free approach to practice that focuses on the body as a whole. 

Dentists take the holistic technique to dentistry, and the residents have been flocking them for the new wholesome experience.

The holistic dentists respect the mouth as an integrated fraction of the body and deem oral health matters correlated to total body health. The mouth does not thrive in a void, therefore having a cavity is considered abnormal.

Finally, if you consider living in Dayton, you'll have many quality dentists to choose from, and there are many kid-friendly activities there. 

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