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Whether you are new to the area, a visitor trying to get the work out of the day in, or finally embarking on the fitness journey you announced last New Year, Dayton, Ohio, is full of gyms suitable for any fitness level. Getting in shape no longer has to be something you dread every day.

In fact, it can be quite fun! There are so many physical activities that are both enjoyable and help break a sweat.

Studies find that the average adult should be averaging at least 150 minutes of physical activity every week, so it is essential to find an activity you love and look forward to doing each day so you don't get discouraged.

We know that finding the right gym for your specific needs can get tricky, so we did all the research for you! Get your pump on like The Rock, train in the ring like Tyson, or get that beach body you've always wanted with this guide!

Scroll down to discover the types of gyms in Dayton Ohio.

Dayton Area Gyms

From 24 hour gyms to family gyms to gyms just for the ladies, Dayton has it all!

24 Hour Gyms

Fitness centers open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, have been popping up all over Dayton. Gyms like 24 Hour Fitness and Anytime Fitness have numerous locations throughout the city and offer full gym access no matter the time of day! All you do is swipe your membership card at the front door, and boom, you are in. They even offer online registration, making signing up easy and hassle-free.

What are the Benefits of 24 Hour Gyms?

24-hour gyms are perfect for gym rats with a busy schedule. Since they never close, you won't have to stress over not making it in time. If you don't like working out surrounded by crowds of people, you can go late at night and essentially have a fully loaded gym to all yourself.

24-hour gyms usually cost between $30 - 40 a month, and most allow entry to any location, making working out away from home convenient and practical.

Gyms for the Whole Family

What better way to bond with the whole family than joining a fitness center and encouraging healthy lifestyles for everyone? It is important to instill the importance of staying fit into children at a young age, but gym memberships can be pricey.

Luckily fitness centers like Five Seasons Family Sports Club offer affordable family memberships instead of making you sign up separately. YMCA's are also packed with weight rooms, athletic courts, swimming pools, and spa treatments, so everyone can have fun and get a workout!

Female Friendly Fitness

Because of unrealistic "beauty norms" portrayed in entertainment and social media, many women in today's society face a tremendous amount of anxiety regarding body satisfaction and personal appearance.

These anxieties can make it incredibly hard to work out, especially in public. Women-only gyms like Curves and C.T. Fit tend to become a safe space for women and allow them to workout in confidence without being judged.

Best Gyms for Energy-demanding Sports

Dayton is home to many gyms that don't just have weight rooms but full athletic courts and fields. Something about getting your cardio in by shooting hoops on the hardwood or scoring goals on an indoor turf field hit different than running for 20 minutes on a treadmill.

Fitness centers like The Heights Racquetball & Fitness Club offer full-court basketball, racquetball, and volleyball.

Boxing Gyms in Dayton

Dayton has played a huge role in boxing history, so it is only fitting to be home to so many boxing gyms.

If you love training like Rocky but don't want to deal with the physical pain of getting hit check out gyms like the Title Boxing Club or MPower Gym LLC, which offers hands-on classes, self-defense boot camps, and skill training for all ages.

If boxing is something you are looking to pursue, check out Drakes Downtown Gym, which looks like an old school boxing gym straight out of the movies. They offer bag work, sparing, and personal training!

Benefits of Boxing

Boxing is a great way to transform your body by improving posture, balance, stamina, and upper body strength.

Remember, it is essential to find a workout plan that works for you. Dayton offers a variety of gyms with fun and refreshing ways to get in shape! Find your perfect gym and start working out today!


Should I Hire a Personal Trainer?

There are many benefits to hiring a personal trainer if you can afford one.

They will curate specific workouts for your body type and skill level, design a personalized diet plan, and motivate you to be your best. If money is tight, many gyms like Planet Fitness offer one free training session when you sign up for a membership, which could give you a basic understanding of how to workout.

Benefits of a Female only Gym?

A women's gym has many benefits and is designed to accommodate female fitness, so your gym won't be packed with intimidating heavy workout equipment.

They are also less noisy and more intimate than co-ed gyms allowing you to feel less judged and more empowered!

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