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A+ Tutoring & Test Preparation has PSAT, SAT and ACT Prep Cincinnati courses for two types of students. First, for the student who has “fallen behind.” Whether it be because of a learning disability or even laziness, some students find they need to play “catch up.” Our SAT, PSAT, and ACT preparation course provides help for Cincinnati students who have fallen behind. Other students are quite gifted, but need someone to show them how to gain the competitive edge that will keep them ahead. They may not be good test-takers, may have missed out on perfecting a skill that they never mastered, or, yes, may be hampered by lack of motivation. Our SAT, PSAT, and ACT preparation help provides for gifted students who want to make their mark. There is a third type of student: the nervous one. Test anxiety affects both advanced students and those who need to work on remedial skills. A+ Tutoring also offers help in overcoming test anxiety to help maximize potential. It may seem strange that similar techniques often can solve different problems, but this can only be done with a guide who can show the way…