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The Allen Thomas Group Provides Insurance for Your Unique Needs

Insurance. No one wants to talk about it, but everyone needs it. That's why The Allen Thomas Group makes choosing your insurance needs easier than you think. 

Joseph Race, CEO and founder of The Allen Thomas Group, was once an insurance agent for a captive insurance company – basically meaning that he could only sell insurance from one company to your customer. In 2003, he had the vision to provide insurance to individuals and businesses based on their needs at that time. He knew then that in this ever-changing world that we reside in, insurance programs need to be adjusted based on the nature of your business or the changes within your household. 

For example, a family could be insured with one insurance company at the beginning of the year and would monitor when a teen driver in the household could increase insurance rates. At that point, looking at another insurance company might be the only option to keep the same coverages at a low annual rate. Or a business might need their insurance program adjusted because they have fewer employees during a certain season based on the nature of their business. Whatever the case, The Allen Thomas Group can provide personal and commercial plans to fit the needs of your family and/or your business.  

The one thing that The Allen Thomas Group prides itself on the most is the ‘call back’ rule. Most insurance companies are contacted through a 1-800 number and you leave a message with hopes that someone will call you back that week. Megan Sample, personal account manager at The Allen Thomas Group, states, “We call every individual back the same day, whether we have the answer to their questions or not. They deserve the peace of mind knowing that we are working on what they requested from us.”

She also describes that the office is always open for customers to walk-in, as they are there daily to answer any questions regarding insurance policies. She says, “This is why you have an independent agent – someone who cares about the customer, not just about the insurance company.”

The Allen Thomas Group provides risk management and financial solutions for both individuals and corporate clients. They are in Medina; however, they serve individuals and businesses in several other states. They offer personal, business and life insurance as well as employee benefits and safety training. For more information, visit or call 440.826.3676.

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