A Very “Cool” Experience

The Better Solution for Your Aches and Pains

Sore muscles, aching lower back, swollen knees, the list goes on. We can all name something that has been bothering us for a long time. It seems we go to doctor appointments after doctor appointments, but nothing seems to help. Men, let me tell you firsthand, it’s time for some self-care, and cryotherapy is definitely a great solution for that. 

When I walked into Cryotherapy Plus Luxury Spa in Akron, I definitely walked out as a changed person. Cryotherapy exposes the body to ultra-cold temperatures which “sort of tricks your body into [thinking] it’s freezing to death so it will boost your endorphins and metabolism so throughout the day, you’ll burn an extra 500-800 calories,” according to Sandra Noll owner of Cryotherapy Plus Luxury Spa.

I actually got to try it for myself and it was intense, to say the least. Unlike an ice bath, your body will get used to the cold temperatures, then relax afterward. With cryotherapy, it can be done before or after a workout and you’ll feel ready to keep going throughout your day.

When I was in there, my body felt numb at first – I felt a burning sensation in the areas where my muscles were tighter. Yes, that sounds scary. But afterward, your body begins to heat up quickly, and, depending on the person, you can feel the results right away or within a couple of days.

If you’re not ready for a full-body cryo, they give localized cryo to specific areas so you can understand what it will feel like for your whole body. Sandra went on to tell me, “It's not like pain medicine because after a while [with] pain medicine you have to take more and more. Well, with cryo you don’t have to do that – it’s consistently helping you.”

Aside from the cryotherapy, the spa also offers an infrared sauna, a salt booth, KaasenLife – Cryo Body Sculpting, Zerobody Dry Float Bed, RecoveryPump Boots and spray tans. The infrared sauna has different settings like cardio, detox, pain relief, relaxation, weight loss and skin health. The salt booth can help to detoxify, improve your respiratory system, remove allergens and toxins from your respiratory system and open your airway passages. The KaasenLife uses pressurized carbon dioxide on your skin to remove toxins and fat cells. It can help you lose inches, tighten loose skin and decrease cellulite. One of my favorite things in the spa was the Dry Float Bed because it took the pressure off of my back and made me feel like I was cocooned. The Dry Float is meant to enhance mood, reduce stress and improve sleep. 

My experience at the spa was amazing, and all I can tell you is that you need to experience it for yourself. I felt much more energetic, relaxed and refreshed after leaving, and even days later. Whether you’re super active in sports, hobbies, manual labor or other activities, visiting consistently to this spa can make a difference in your life.

Sandra mentioned often that these services are to “help with the aging process.” Life can take a toll on our bodies and it’s important to take care of them now. For more information about Cryotherapy Plus Luxury Spa and to learn more about their services, visit CryoTherapyPlusLuxurySpa.com or call 234.466.0292.

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