Achieve Optimal Wellness

ThrIVe Drip Solutions is a mobile drip and injection service that offers a functional and holistic approach to health and wellness from the comfort of your own home. From mobile IV hydration drips to intramuscular injections and boosters, they can give your body the nutrients it needs to rehydrate, recharge and restore. 

The founder of ThrIVe Drip Solutions, Ashley Cagle, is a registered nurse in Cleveland with an immense passion for health and wellness. Her co-founder, Maddie Duncan, is also a nurse in Northeast Ohio and holds a firm belief in a functional and holistic approach to illnesses and ailments. With this foundation, ThrIVe Drip Solutions holds the believe that achieving optimal wellness starts with five key aspects called the "five-to-thrive." They are:

  1. Hydration: Promotes healthy cells and organs.
  2. Vitamins: Supplement essential nutrients with vitamins.
  3. Clean eating: Food is medicine for your body.
  4. Exercise: Daily exercise helps you look and feel better.
  5. Sleep: Seven to eight hours of sleep daily is essential to healthy living.

The best part is, ThrIVe Drip Solutions offers services that help individuals achieve optimal wellness in these five areas. Their services include a variety of intravenous drip solutions, intramuscular injections and IV boosters. 

IV Drips

This service balances nutrition and delivers vitamins, nutrients and hydration directly into your bloodstream. The range of drips that ThrIVe Drip Solutions is vast and can help to treat many different ailments. Some of ThrIVe Drip Solutions most popular drip solutions are The Anti-Aging Beauty Bag, Stress Away, Recovery & Performance and The Ultimate Immunity. 

Each drip solution gets its name from its ingredients and benefits. The Anti-Aging Beauty Bag contains Vitamin C, B-Complex and biotin — all vitamins and minerals that detoify your body, promote cellular repair and lead to radiant skin. The Stress Away drip solution includes B-Complex, Vitamin C and magnesium. When combined, these ingredients the activity of brain neurons and the nervous system to promote the relaxation and sleep.

Intramuscular Injections

Experience healing with these painless intramuscular injections that deliver nutrients deep into muscles and allow for quick absorption. Some of the intramuscular shots that ThrIVe Drip Solutions offers are B12, Lipo-C, Toradol, B-Complex and Vintamin D. These injections have a very of benefits. For example, an injection of B12 can help to boost energy and regulate mood. Another example is Toradol, which relieves headaches and body pains.

IV Boosters

This service allows you to boost your drip with add-on ingredients that give your body the amino blends, vitamins and minerals it requires to achieve optimal wellness. Once you have chosen the drip solution that fits your needs and wellness goals, you can spruce it up with a booster. ThrIVe Drip Solutions has over a dozen boosters to choose from, including proline, taurine, Zofran and Vitamin B6. Each booster has its own set of benefits. Zofran aids nausea and vomiting while Vitamin B6 is useful for mood regulation and brain function.

For more information about ThrIVe Drip Solutions and a complete list of their services, visit ThrIVeDripSolutions.com

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