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After Hours Family Medicine is a privately and locally owned medical practice. It was founded in 2010 by Dora Richardson, NP, who realized through her experiences in the healthcare industry that everyday individuals and families were experiencing a huge gap in healthcare. Her mission behind After Hours is simple, yet extremely important and meaningful – provide a place that addressed a gap in healthcare where families could go from birth throughout their lifespan and receive the kind of care they needed.

Since opening over a decade ago, she has done just that. As a nurse practitioner since 1997, Dora explains that often people don't know that she shares many of the same responsibilities as doctors. She can evaluate patients, order and interpret diagnostic tests, create and manage treatment plans and even prescribe medications. 

At After Hours, she sees all ages and offers appointments for everything from chronic illness care to minor surgeries. Dora says, "We offer a very well-rounded spread of care, and we try to keep everything in the office or the area so people don’t have the travel far for care." 

After Hours also uses all of the local hospital systems, including Cleveland Clinic, Summa Health, Wooster Community Hospital and more. Additionally, After Hours accepts Medicare and a wide variety of other insurance plans. 

Like the name suggests, After Hours doesn't function on the same schedule as a traditional doctor's office. Dora opens After Hours from 3-9 p.m., Monday through Friday so that families and individuals who can't typically make an earlier appointment can still receive the care they need. 

For more information about After Hours, visit AfterHoursFamilyMedicine.com or call 330.975.4255.

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