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Blue Heron Brewery & Event Center Has More Space for More Opportunities

People are itching for events to happen again. We miss our corporate parties, intimate bridal and baby showers and, most of all, beautiful weddings. Blue Heron Brewery & Event Center is just as eager to get events rolling again.

“We sell out every Friday, Saturday and Sunday,” Blue Heron General Manager, Khadar Soussou, says, but they even allow flexibility throughout the week by appointment. 

Event planning can be stressful, but Blue Heron seeks to plan an unforgettable event for you. It can be too hard to find an event center willing to design the event the way that you want. Whether it’s the food, decor, linens or design - some places just can’t provide that full customization you desire. Khadar stated that he asks every person or couple, “What’s your personality and how can we make sure that it will shine during your event?” Whether it’s a wedding, baby shower, bridal party or corporate event, the ideas you have will be brought to life. 

Since events were put on pause throughout 2020, Blue Heron took advantage of this slow season by putting in a new, smaller banquet hall. “The nice thing about this room is that it’s fully modern,” Khadar says. This modern look is perfect for younger couples, mothers-to-be or brides-to-be.

When you walk into the room, you’re instantly attracted to the simplistic white columns complimented by a patterned-gray carpet. The white walls are beautiful enough to remain open or you could add decoration that fits with your personality without any issue of color clashing. The room is large enough for many different layouts but small enough to keep your events more intimate.

With COVID, tables will be approximately six feet apart to ensure safe gatherings, but the room could hold an upward of 80 people. The versatility of this banquet hall is the perfect reason to start the conversation about booking your event here today.

What sets Blue Heron apart is how they have a people-first mindset. Khadar said, “We’re a younger style crew, which matches our brides; we try to relate to them.” This perspective really embodies the idea of the 'we’ll take care of you' attitude. Between the client and the company, you’ll hopefully feel a partnership rather than a generic business transaction. No longer do you have to miss important events in your life. Blue Heron hopes you look to the future by taking those elaborate event ideas you have and putting them to use.

For more information about Blue Heron and its event facilities, visit or call 330.870.2583.

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