Four Generations of Sweet Treats

Taffy to Chocolate to Popcorn, and Everything in Between

Article by Sydney E. Nelson

Photography by Margarett Hansen Photography & Kira Whitney Photography

Originally published in Colorado Springs Lifestyle

In the late 1800s, Patsy Mehaney satisfied his sweet tooth by making candied popcorn in Ireland. Yet the sweet promise of the American dream called out to him and in 1901, he migrated to the United States and settled in Indiana, where he sold his treats at local fairs.

Legend even has it that Patsy shared some of his trade secrets with a local company by the name of Cracker Jack. Patsy continued making his way west and eventually landed in Manitou Springs, where he established Patsy’s Candies in 1903. For over a century, Patsy’s confections have been “delighting tastebuds” and the store itself is a well-known local treasure.

Through the Years

Patsy eventually sold Patsy’s to a family who had been his customers for years, the Osbornes. The Osbornes later entrusted the beloved shop to friends of theirs, the Niswonger family, under the condition that they’d promise to keep Patsy’s time-honored tradition of delighting people with only the highest quality of handcrafted confections.

The Niswonger family has since made good on their promise and are thrilled to be carrying on Patsy’s tradition. For four generations, they have continued to perfect and evolve Patsy’s original recipes, while also expanding Patsy’s offering by contributing new treats and recipes.

In speaking with fourth-generation Patsy-teer, Si Niswonger, it's clear that the family’s enthusiasm for confections runs deep. “We use only the best for every confection we turn out: copper kettles, real butter, pure chocolate, real cream, and no additives, or preservatives. Even Patsy’s popcorn is made with pure butterscotch. We never stray from making something that we're proud of.”

Delectable Treats

If you’re already drooling at mentions of the delectable treats, we can hardly blame you. From taffy to chocolate to popcorn, and everything in between, Patsy’s puts Willy Wonka to shame.

Their holiday gift baskets are community staples during the holiday season, and they have been involved in partnerships with local companies, such as the Broadmoor, for years.

“We love giving back to the community that’s given us so much. Patsy’s endures thanks to our loyal customers,” explains Si. “We have customers who come in with their grandchildren and share stories about how they came to Patsy’s when they were kids. We’re honored to continue pouring our love and commitment into a shop that so many cherish.”

This holiday season, stop by Patsy’s and experience a moment of pure pleasure wrapped in old-world artisanship. 

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