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To deliver significant impact to your bottom line is the goal of the team at Empower Solutions. With more than 45 years of experience, John Hostetler, Bill Cannon, Rodney Haynes, and Cigdem Hughes are shaping the way businesses in South Carolina approach growth and development. This team has worked to produce over $2 billion in incentives through more than 1,000 projects. And their work typically falls into these four categories: 

Economic Development
Whether you are just starting out or already looking to renovate or expand, the EmPower Solutions team can help you reduce costs. Their experience in federal and state tax credit programs includes a variety of tax credits - including those for hiring, training, environmental, and investment. Grant and abatement programs provide great options for securing land and buildings. And programs designed to improve infrastructure address areas such as energy, sewer & water, and transportation. Let EmPower Solutions research and identify the programs that might work best for you. 

Tax Services
The EmPower Solutions team’s knowledge of current legislation, regulations, revenue rulings, and court cases serves to benefit your business - whether it is a commercial business or an income-producing residential property. Using the strategic tool of Cost Segregation (CSS), the team can help you accelerate depreciation deductions, reduce tax liability, and increase cash flow. 

Engineering-Based Audits
If energy consumption and conservation are focal points of your new construction, renovation, or retrofit project, an engineering-based audit provided by EmPower Solutions is definitely something to consider. Examine your entire building envelope, including lighting, HVAC, equipment and machinery. The team will help you explore remote building management systems, as well as a variety of options that are innovative, energy-efficient, and utilize a variety of tax and utility-sponsored credits. 

Renewable Energy Solutions
Solar energy continues to gain in popularity. EmPower Solutions is focused on bringing South Carolina businesses affordable solutions that deliver with high impact. The substantial financial incentives include state and federal tax credits, depreciation, and utility-based incentive programs. Quality installation and uncompromising service are the hallmarks of solar provided by EmPower Solutions.

If you’re looking to cut energy costs, maximize the use of economic development programs, and secure a variety of tax credits, let the EmPower Solutions team help. Learn more at EmpSolutionsGroup.net., Laurie Childress, VP BDM, lc@empsolutionsgroup.net


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