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Craig Richardson Introduces Rosie to The Midlands

Have you seen Rosie around town? You know, the 1955 Pink Packard Four Hundred that seems to be around every corner. Craig Richardson has been driving Rosie around our community for a few months now. She is a sight to behold, and her mission is to generate breast cancer awareness for the American Cancer Society (ACS).

Craig Richardson serves as the Operations Manager for Hoover Buildings Systems in Lexington, and his journey with the American Cancer Society began four years ago.  It was the same year he lost a member of the Hoover Buildings’ family to breast cancer that had metastasized. It was also the year that his daughter had a cancer scare.  Richardson says, “After getting the news of my daughter's potential diagnosis I called on the American Cancer Society for help.  They gave me the information and support needed to ask the doctors to look deeper.  After many tests and biopsies, thankfully, it was determined that my daughter did not have cancer.” 

Appreciative of ACS’s support, Richardson knew he had to find a way to give back. He discussed various options with the ACS staff. One program that especially piqued his interest was Real Men Wear Pink. The connection to breast cancer and his work family was obvious. Wearing pink was a little more subtle, but definitely attached to his persona. Richardson sheepishly revealed that his parents were convinced that they were expecting a girl when they were pregnant with him. And his family has never let him forget it! It’s commonplace for family and friends to now wear pink when celebrating his birthday.  Adopting pink as his own signature color became his ticket to an amazing ride with ACS.

Pink is now a part of his daily wardrobe.  “Cancer doesn’t stop. Why should I?,” exclaims Richardson. Pink is his platform, and using his involvement in the community has been the key to generating awareness for breast cancer. Serious or silly, Richardson is willing to do whatever it takes to represent ACS and bring awareness to breast cancer.  

Rosie entered the scene during the summer of 2020. It didn’t take much for Richardson to notice a car up on a lift in the shop of Curtis Easter. The vehicle was PINK! The vehicle has been involved in a wreck, and Easter was repairing it. Unfortunately, the repairs had stalled because Easter was fighting bone cancer. In a matter of months, the cancer had consumed his body and Easter passed away in November 2020. A few months later, Richardson discovered that the pink car was available for purchase. He acquired the car without hesitation. Months of repairs followed. And then in September of this year, Rosie was introduced to the community. Her name is inspired by Rosie the Riveter because, for Richardson, she represents toughness and strength.  

Rosie is now the Real Men Wear Pink Awareness Vehicle. Richardson has created an awareness program entitled “Rides with Rosie.” The program involves a 10-15 minute drive where Richardson interviews his passenger – perhaps a current cancer fighter, a survivor, a family member, a doctor, a researcher, or a member of the ACS team. Viewers can expect some seriousness intertwined with laughter. It will definitely be a casual focus on a serious subject. Rides with Rosie will be shared on social media and YouTube.

Ultimately, Rosie is the sweetheart of the Real Men Wear Pink program. Richardson is serving as the ACS Chairman of the Real Men Wear Pink of the Midlands campaign and using Rosie to generate interest and raise funds. Richardson, along with 34 distinguished community leaders, is determined to raise awareness and money to support the American Cancer Society's mission and save more lives from breast cancer than ever before. The group’s goal is to raise $150,000 by year’s end. If you want to help, please find Real Men Wear Pink at

35 MEN

35 Men from the Midlands Fighting Breast Cancer. 35 Real Men Wearing Pink. 35 Men with a Goal of Raising $150,000 for the American Cancer Society. Support your neighbors with a donation between now and the end of the year.

1 Tim Williams – 803 Realty

2 Craig Richardson – Hoover Buildings, Inc.

3 Angelo DiBiase – LCSD1

4 Mike Kelly – McGuinn Homes

5 Leland Morrison – 803 Realty

6 Howie Mason – MAP Land and Homes

7 Logan Roush – McGuinn Homes

8 Hunter Crews – McGuinn Homes

9 Brian Adams – Pete Alewine Pool & Spa

10 Andrew Eckstrom – Carolina Business Equipment

11 Stanley McCloy – Professional Printers, Inc.

12 Morgan Leath – United Community Bank

13 Carl Patterson – McGuinn Homes

14 Kim Pocock - Entrepreneur

15 Justin Caudill – Dick’s Sporting Goods

16 Elias Lykes – Defender Firearms & Training

17 Serio Soto – McGuinn Homes

18 Jeff Howle – Healthmarkets

19 Brian White – McGuinn Homes

20 Michael Wanco – Bolder Engraving

21 Bret Carter – The Carter Insurance Group

22 Colby Prime – Carolina Business Equipment

23 Matt Wilkes – Mungo Homes

24 Gary Mills – iHeartRadio

25 Tom Reke – SC Lumber

26 Barry Hale – US Army

27 James Carwell – Freedom Plumbing, Inc

28 Brett Richardson – Vertex Pharmaceuticals

29 Israel Hughes – Diablo’s Southwest Grill

30 Jared Oswalt – Build On Your Land

31 Justin Holder – JT’s Kia of Columbia

32 Michael Vantroost – Lexington County Fire Service

33 Rob Sanders - iHeartRadio

34 Rob Abbott – Abbotts Auto Care

35 Scott Fowler – Twelve Oak Studios

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