A Studio Designed for Both Families and Photographers Lemon Drop Studios

Being a photographer herself, Alyssa Carman had become frustrated with the lack of finding a studio that met both her and her clients’ needs.  The options required either driving to downtown Dallas to an unsavory warehouse district, climbing a bunch of stairs to get to the studio, or simply having to deal with a lack of diverse settings while being exposed to the everchanging weather of Texas. Thus, she created Lemon Drop Studios, an indoor and outdoor facility with a greenhouse that can accommodate all kinds of photographic settings as well as events such as anniversaries, weddings, and more.

Alyssa got to slow down and enjoy life while attending Stephen F Austin. Her career as a photographer began somewhat organically as she started taking pictures for her friends while in college. She became the “go-to” person when someone wanted a special picture taken.

The growth of her popularity as a photographer became a full-time business and that is when her desire for an adequate studio arose. She and her husband, Blake became true entrepreneurs and risked a lot to build a studio so complete it has already become the “hot spot” for photographers and events. Alyssa is proud that it is not just a beautiful place but also family-friendly, solves a lot of problems for photographers, is priced fairly, and is safe for photographers and their clients. You will find unique details that you can’t find anywhere else in DFW. Plus, she wants Lemon Drop Studios to be known for excellent customer service.

Blake, considered the mathematician and logical guru, and Alyssa married 13 years ago. Initially, Alyssa was a stay-at-home mom for, now, 7-year-old Brooks, who loves animals, and 11-year-old Pierce, in an advanced college prep program and loves sports.

Visit www.lemondropstudios.com or call (214) 843-8714 to learn more.

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