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Wellmind Coffee Co.

Highland Village Shop Blends Specialty Coffee and Adaptive Botanicals for Holistic Health Experience

Nestled off of Justin Road in Highland Village, Wellmind Coffee Co. is unlike other coffee shops. Here, customers can get a dose of caffeine and a holistic wellness experience all in one visit.

“We developed an appreciation for specialty coffee shops when we were traveling around the country for our work in herbal extracts and holistic health,” Wellmind owner Jordan Park says.

Jordan says he and his team decided to create a combination apothecary and coffee shop with an organic, gluten-free and nutrient-dense menu.

“We wanted it to be the full holistic experience from the menu to the product to the energy in the space,” he says. “We definitely hit the mark and are learning more and more about improving the synergy between holistic herbalism and coffee.”

Wellmind’s intention is to improve energy, mood, focus and clarity by stacking high-quality specialty coffee with herbs and nutrients that help to balance brainwave activity, stress response, immune function and inflammation.

Wellmind does not add supplements directly to its coffee. “Adding herbs and nutrients directly to the coffee would mess it up,” Jordan says. Instead, Wellmind offers stacks as a shot to drink separately, mixed with coconut water or oat milk. Or customers can add them to a smoothie or acai bowl.

“Our most fundamental stack is coffee plus 250 mg L-Theanine plus 300 mg ashwagandha,” Jordan says. “This stack delivers the ultimate balance of focus, clarity, mood and sustainable energy with short- and long-term benefits.”

Wellmind incorporates a host of ingredients like functional mushrooms, adaptogens and CBD.

“We have some really popular and unique herbs that we work with. Other shops might incorporate herbs, but our level of knowledge and background in functional health and organic product development is not common. It takes people by surprise. We love being unexpected and over-delivering on expectations,” Jordan says.

Every aspect of Wellmind Coffee is intentional, including the shop’s dedication to sustainable living. “We believe it’s the responsibility of every company to consider their environmental impact and tirelessly work to reduce their footprint. We use paper straws, biodegradable plant plastic cups, 100% recycled paper bags, receipts, etc.,” he says.

Wellmind’s commitment to sustainability also applies to its coffee.

 “We take social and environmental sustainability seriously and work with an amazing roaster who practices ethical, direct trade,” Jordan says.

“Once the beans get here, we honor the work that went into each harvest by only using organic, fresh botanicals to make all syrups, plant milks and infusions. We keep things super simple and never use fancy colors or synthetic flavors,” he says. “We keep it very real.

“All of our syrups are made with certified organic herbs, spices, fruits and berries,” he says. “We hand make all ingredients for the bar, which is super unique.”

In addition to coffee and food, Wellmind offers a variety of wellness products.

 “The coffee shop is meant to complement our product line,” he says. “We want to bring people into a comfortable, welcoming place of quality and health.

“So, if you’re coming in for an amazing cup of coffee, we have that down. Then, if you’re looking to improve your mental and physical experience with coffee, we are the best formulators for pairing botanicals and supplements with coffee.”

Wellmind Coffee Co. is located at 2300 Highland Village Road. For more information, visit

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