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Former NFL Pro Seeks Regenerative Therapy from top Southlake Clinic

Article by Jay Grisham

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Originally published in Trophy West City Lifestyle

When Dr. TJ Mundheim’s family moved to the area when he was 5 years old, he notes that it was a different world then. A Grapevine graduate, he and his friends used to ride horses to the local Sonic. Now, Dr. TJ is a clinic director along with an amazing team led by medical director Alok Kushwaha M.D. and they are both changing the world of modern medicine by offering cutting-edge treatment in the form of regenerative medicine using biologics, peptides, hormones, and restorative physical therapies.

“Regenerative medicine is the practice of using all of the cutting edge tools at your disposal to help the body repair itself and help patients improve their quality of life.” Unlike traditional medical and therapeutic treatments, Dr. TJ notes that the staff at Essential Regenerative Clinic’s focus is on the inside out. 

“Our ideal patients and clients are people that want to turn the clock back in some way,” Dr. TJ said. “As we age, our hormones decline, which causes us to not have the ability to recover as quickly. And it also affects our mental drive to want to make changes, but not have the energy to do it at the end of the day.” For years, professional athletes have had access to these types of treatments during their careers that are now becoming available for the general public. Because aging affects everyone, Dr. TJ says it’s not just former or current professional athletes that make ideal candidates for regenerative medicine. There could be benefits for anyone who is living with chronic joint pain, back pain, a previous injury, or even pregnancy. 

“Postpartum moms are great candidates, because during childbirth the ab muscles get stretched out,” Dr. TJ explained, “and doing regular crunches and sit-up exercises, in an attempt to tighten those muscles, actually make it worse.”

Instead of relying on traditional pain clinics that rely on narcotic medicines, muscle relaxers, or steroid injections that Dr. TJ notes will break a joint down even faster; ES Clinics utilizes the latest cutting-edge technology to diagnose and then treat the cause of the issue and not just the symptoms.

Using Biologics, peptides, hormones and regenerative therapy protocols designed specifically for each patient is one key to our phenomenal success rate Dr. TJ also notes that he and the entire staff have utilized all of the clinic’s procedures on themselves. “I’ve been in the field since 2005 and had access to many amazing therapies, however I had a 20-year-old knee meniscus injury that nothing seemed to help and always dealt with the pain.” After receiving treatment himself with ES clinics combined therapy, that pain has since gone away and he can now bike and run like he could years ago.

ES Clinic’s clients seem to agree. According to Dr. TJ, the clinic has seen phenomenal results in patients who have undergone their treatment in the areas of joint healing, muscle repair, COVID-19 symptoms such as foggy brain and lung functionality, and has even had some COPD patients eventually be able to come off of oxygen. Another benefit for some people, including several former professional athletes, has been in the area of post-concussion syndrome. Dr. TJ said they also have a lot of clients from the equestrian community that have back, groin, and post-concussive symptoms from falling; as well as back and groin/leg injuries similar to soccer players.

One former NFL player, whose name will resonate with a lot of football fans in this area, is Anthony Dorsett, Jr., the son of the Dallas Cowboys legend and NFL Hall of Fame running back, Tony Dorsett. Anthony played safety for eight years in the NFL with the Houston/Tennessee Oilers and Oakland Raiders, eventually making it to the Super Bowl with each team. And like most athletes who play sports on a professional level, Anthony had his share of injuries that took a toll on his body over the years.

“I went in for an overall wellness check; I had certain things that were bothering me, more muscular than anything,” Anthony said. “Just some back stuff and wear and tear on my shoulders from football, but not any injuries that were more problematic than any other. I have had stem cell treatments before and wanted to see how the biologic treatments aligned with the stem cells, and what the treatment was actually like.” Anthony had previously sought treatment for his back, including going to physical therapy to get relief; yet the pain had persisted for a few months. However, after his biologic therapy treatment at ES Clinics, Anthony said his chronic back pain went away even though it wasn’t specifically targeted during the treatment.

“The second or third day,” Anthony said, “I was moving around and realized that my back wasn’t even bothering me anymore. And it hasn’t come back since then.”

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