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Dr. Ijeoma Nwankpa, PT, DPT, WCS, CLT, CIDN is a Doctor of Physical Therapy who is one of few in the metro Dallas - Fort Worth area that is an American Board of Physical Therapy Certified Specialist in Women/ Men Pelvic Health (WCS), Certified Lymphedema Physical Therapist (CLT), trained Sexuality Counselor/ Coach and is a Certified Dry Needling Therapist (CIDN).

Many believe that someone with that many letters behind their name are stuffy know-it-alls who aren’t very good at listening, and some are. But you will find Dr. Nwankpa to be a warm, relaxed therapist who is totally focused on consulting and collaborating with you as well as educating you on the best options for your body. Her therapies are based much more on holistic approaches as opposed to meds and her warm smile and overall “bedside manner” are found healing in their own ways.

Physical Therapy for the pelvic floor was initiated in the 1960s. Dr. Nwankpa had experienced pelvic pain, which also affected her posture when she was young. Her interest in becoming a pelvic floor therapist came as a result of the relief she experienced personally. Born in New Jersey, she eventually practiced in renowned institutions as Duke, Emory, and the University of North Carolina, where she is still an adjunct professor in their studies in women’s health and the pelvic floor. Dr. Nwankpa was able to convince her husband, Gene, a software engineer for Microsoft, to move to McKinney to be near her family. Lucky Collin County!

Services include:

·         Pelvic Floor Dysfunctions— The pelvic floor is a group of muscles that supports many muscles and organs, including your bladder, rectum, and reproductive system. We specialize in the treatment of pelvic floor impairments. 

·         Prenatal and Postpartum Care— Management of musculoskeletal conditions during prenatal and postpartum that may lead to pain and dysfunction

·         Cancer survivorship and Oncology Care— Aid in the overall cancer survivorship recovery by focusing on regaining strength, decreasing scar tissue, and increasing range of motion. 

·         Lymphedema Therapy— We specialized in Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT) massage techniques and compression to decrease abnormal swelling in limbs 

·         Dry Needling— Specialized technique to directly treat underlying muscular trigger points for the management of pain and movement impairments.

·         PTSD & Trauma Therapy

Dr. Nwankpa says some of her previous experience had been in sites that had the attitude of getting the patients “in-and-out” quickly. She wants everyone to know that she is just the opposite. Her office will be limiting the number of patients she sees per day so that she can spend whatever time she needs to listen to her patient and consult and collaborate with them to determine the best line of therapy for them.

Dr. Nwankpa and Gene have two sons, Kelenna, 6, who loves monster trucks and soccer, and Kansi, 3, who is a huge fan of Captain America and the Hulk! When not working, she likes cooking, always looking for a new recipe, exercising and taking walks, and simply hanging with friends.

To learn more or make an appointment, visit or call (817) 381-5177.

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