Stepping Stones Foundation

Stepping Stones Foundation was founded in 1999 when Christina Bynum-Breaux began mentoring at the local middle school. It was through her mentorship that she discovered that children in her own community were struggling to receive basic necessities such as food and shelter. Christina did the only thing she could at the time: She welcomed these children into her home while beginning to lay the foundation to assist youth in crisis on a larger scale. 

Stepping Stones Foundation became fully formed in 2009 after Christina witnessed how early intervention and consistent support could change the course of these children's lives. The local community rallied around Christina and her mission to support these children on their path towards a brighter future. People not only became involved financially but offered their time and talents to address the barriers that these children face. 

Donors in the medical field provided access for these children to receive medical care. Others volunteered countless hours sorting donations, delivering meals, and stepping in to provide rides to work and school. Their boutique, which is entirely stocked through donations and whose profits financially support all of the intervention efforts, is organized by volunteers. To this day it is the community and its spirit of generosity that makes the difference in these children's lives. Without supporters willing to offer their time, talent, and treasure for local youth in crisis, Stepping Stones Foundation wouldn’t be able to provide life altering intervention. 

If you’re interested in becoming involved, please reach out to Lisa@SteppingStonesKeller.Org. Engagement opportunities range from single donations to home makeovers. Visit their website to learn more about the many ways they work to address barriers for youth in crisis.

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