Personalize Your Ride With Finishings By Rockin Rims

Style isn’t limited to the designer jeans on your hips, the artwork strung across your walls, or the arrangement of your living room centerpieces. This personalization extends outside of your clothing style or interior design choices, and into your driveway. Simply put, our cars serve as additional reflections of our inner selves - and Rockin Rims of Applied Plastic Coatings is taking this customization to new heights with their range of specialty wheel refinishing options. 

As a family-owned business with its 30th anniversary next year, Applied Plastic Coatings is a familiar name across the Colorado landscape. Their team primarily specializes in ceramic exhaust coating, powder coating, thermoplastics, and rare fluoro polymers. They strive to meet two specific standards: decorative and functional. Diverse color sets and wide range of materials allow for total personalization, making them the only company nationwide to offer such niche powder coatings and linings. Whatever stylistic idea or functional need you have, they’ve got you covered. 

Over the years, the company has niched down to work with epoxies and thermoplastics in producing park benches, playgrounds, and more for the city. Some of their past work even entails services for Lockheed Martin components used on NASA rovers, as well as dealings with NREL and US Mint. 

Rockin Rims is a separate division of Applied Plastic Coatings that offers one-day wheel refinishing options in custom colors. Their service covers disassembly, prep, powder coating, and installation, all within 24 hours. The company also houses a showroom with thousands of custom-ordered colors, including specialty effects and candy. For more information, take a look at the Rockin Rims page of the Applied Plastic Coatings website. To set an appointment and inject some personality into your ride, interested customers can call (303) 424-9200 or email Lindsy@appliedplastic.com.

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